Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Praise You Lord!

I just have to give a big Shout Out to the Lord!

My darling daughter, age 21, mother of beautiful Jada, lost her day care last week and as of today was at her wits end as to what to do. She actually took the baby to work with her yesterday and somehow got through the day. We, my husband and I, racked our brains to think what we could do to help and even tried to bring her up to ATL (from FL) for a couple of weeks but nothing was working out. Today my daughter had to stay home with her and made plans to extensively research all child care in her area. She called every number on a 12 page list only resulting in one possibility....she then called to tell me she was on her way over to this one possible home day care to make a decision and that BTW her boss had called to tell her she has just been promoted to the VP of the company's desk and all her clients are being reassigned today...she MUST be at work tomorrow. This is huge...she's 21 for pete's sake...but she's good at her job, very good and the VP loves her and wants to train her for bigger and better stuff. Fabulous opportunity....lousy timing...what if this daycare doesn't' work out? What if it doesn't work out all week or next week?? While enroute to visit said daycare, she makes one last attempt to contact the incredible daycare she has been on the waiting list for months to get into, just a by the way stop....Can you believe it, THEY HAVE AN OPENING as of tomorrow ?!!!?! No they don't? Yes they do!! She grabbed it on the spot, of course, having waited since last Sept.
Please don't tell me God doesn't care about these things....He is amazing when He takes care of things.
He has always had a soft spot in His heart for my baby and I have given her to Him....and I prayed He'd open a door...I guess I just wasn't too specific...He opened several! hahaha
He does all things well!


Mrs Zeke said...

:) Of course!
you expected less from God ? :)

happy for you and yours

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

God's tender care for His children is so wonderful.

God Bless


Kimber said...

Yea Yea Yea God :) He does love us so much doesn't He!!!

We are excited for her promotion too - another yea God! :)

Debbie said...

God has perfect timing doesn't he?

Goody said...

She is so beeuuutiful! And our Lord is so in love with her. He does all things well!

Anonymous said...

wow! congratulations to your dear daughter and God really cares. He does! Isn't He amazing? =)

Tammy said...

PTL!! That truly is a God thing...He works in His own time...congrats to your daughter for her promotion too! God is good!

Hikingalong said...

God cares about even the smallest desires of our hearts. He loves us so much more than we could ever imagine. Isn't He awesome?! I'm so happy for you and for your daughter. Blessings!