Thursday, February 09, 2006

On to better things...

Well this has been a profitable week for me...inspite of Wednesday's blog. :) Not all is woe is me. I had a wonderful surprise visit from my Jadabear over the past weekend, wedding invitations finally went out...huge load off. ( Now don't be offended if you don't receive one, we can't afford to feed half the East coast...only B & Js' immediate gazillion family and friends....haha)...AND last nite I got to have dinner with my wonderful son.

For those of you who don't know, he is a professional musician and travels most of the time. He happened to be in GA last nite so I drove over to see him and take him one of his text books (yes, he has re-started his college classes, via the internet...yeaah!). He's doing great and it was awesome to see him for a quick visit. Tomorrow we, as in myself, my bride-to-be daughter and my mom will drive over to AL for the weekend and for the first wedding shower, to be given by family on both sides. It will be so much fun to see everyone...which never happens....I am excited about that. :) So...there are good things going on in my world and I feel better today...I can actually see the good stuff. lol... funny how life is often about perspective..and some good ole Ibuprophen didn't hurt the cause either. :)

Now on to comtemporary Americana...and I mean The Grammys...!
Of course I keep up! Even though I definitley chose dinner with my favorite music star over watching the actual presentations....
All I can say is "Way to go John Legend! His Get Lifted CD is incredible and he certainly deserved the new artist award. Also congrats go to Kelly Clarkson and her Breakaway CD. Again...amazing work, she is a true find from American Idol. I like it when the deserving people actually win. I was pulling for Mariah but I can't really argue with U2 either. I'm just very proud of Mariah for her awesome comeback after basically falling of the planet and having a nervous breakdown a couple years back. Cream does indeed rise to the top.

Wonder what song lyrics I'll post tomorrow...hmmmm...maybe I'll chose a Grammy favorite...we'll see.
Well enough stuff.....I have to get some work done....Ciao


Buffy said...

One of my secret passions is listening to Kelly Clarkson.

My husband would laugh at me if he knew . :)

Kimber said...

Yea, glad you are "feeling" a little happier - or at least having a more hopeful perspective :) I've been thinkin of ya :)

I didn't know your son was a professional musician - HOW VERY COOL! Glad you had a chance to visit :)

Anonymous said...

glad you're feeling up and happy this time and has something exciting to look forward to.

God bless!

Radical One said...

wow, professional musician, how interesting. and glad you got to have some time with him.

i love wedding showers, well i just love weddings. but i haven't had to go thru all the stress yet (other than my own). hope and pray things go well for the shower in AL.

have a blessed weekend and great to hear you're feeling better!


Herobill said...

I think "Cream" broke up like 30 years ago...

But I'll still listen to anything Clapton plays on! :)