Monday, February 13, 2006

Good Morning Monday

We spent the weekend in AL doing the wedding shower/family thing. Very nice and Bek had a good time. Lots of loot too. :) Visited with future cousin-in-law who is getting married in May...her guest list has 400 invitations so far and a write up in Bridal Magazine...Whew! I don't envy her and her mom!

We got a dusting of snow and boy was that fun! The kids running around outside with their heads back and their mouths open. :) Me too when we came out of the restaurant after dinner to at least an inch on the cars and huge wet blobs of snowflakes still coming down.

RSVPs are beginning to come in.

Enough driving for a while. I plan on sitting (perhaps not literally) at home this weekend.....

1 comment:

Kimber said...

Glad to hear the shower went well :) OMG...400 guests - YIKES!!! I don't evey the Bride or the Mom either!

Hope you get a chance to "sit" this weekend...and enjoy the snow :)