Wednesday, February 01, 2006

No I'm not dreaming...

there is a funky salty or tangy, this from the required anointing oil ...indescribable really but it makes me sneeze...I enter into a realm of blinding light and bug eyes, something reminiscent of the alien creatures in my son's comic books...there are whirring noises and strangely blaring today's Top 40...the paper thin walls of the chamber tell me this is true for all....And so I go to a land where no man has gone before....well maybe a few have gone before but I am assured that their germs have been completely annihilated.....Let the tanning begin!


Goody said...

Oh I have never been in one but I have seen them. Kindof look like coffins? Yikes!

Kimber said...

you are sooooo funny girl - and you describe it exactly right - Happy Tanning :)

Radical One said...

yea i haven't brought myself to do that yet! but i'm really glad it's getting to be that time of year where spring is right around the corner. i love spring.

hope you have a wonderful and blessed day!

Angela said...

Ha, so funny!!! I could use a tan, Ohio winters leave me pastey white=)

Anonymous said...

i've seen one of those before. but we don't need that here. just stay outdoor for 15-20 minutes and you'll get a sunburn. whitening lotion is a sure hit here. haha...

Sarah said...


Hilarious, Cheryl! HILarious!!!

kath said...

you live in georgia? did i know that and forget?

i do miss my mind the most..

i have always wanted to tan.. especially in the middle of winter when it seems like you will never be warm again..

my daughter used to do that .. when it was cold.. she lives in N C now.. and I don't think she gets that cold for that long..

my son is in atlanta..
last time i went there.. the fountain at the underground froze solid in the 20ยบ weather

deep sigh

hope you enjoyed the moments of "sun" :D

take care