Monday, February 27, 2006

News Flash!!!

I think I found a dress for the wedding! I bought one anyway...we'll see if it stands the test of natural lighting and hair
I won't stop looking but this one looks pretty's hanging in my closet and can alswasy be returned if I find a better contender. :)


Radical One said...

oh, how exciting and i'm sure also some relief to at least find a possible one. let us know if it works!


Bek said...

what color???

Mrs Zeke said...

um maybe you could shoot a pic??? huh huh huh?


Tammy said...

That's great news...hopefully we can see a pic of it soon. ;-)

Kimber said...

WHOOOOOHOOOOO! Do a happy dance :)

That is GREAT news :) We have not begun to shop for bridesmaid's dresses - I still have a little more time to workout...hee hee :)

Excited for ya!