Thursday, May 28, 2009

This spoke to me today

Andy Park

Holy love, flow in me, fill me up like the deepest sea

Like a crashing wave pouring over me, holy love flow in me

Many sorrows cannot quench your love,
darkness cannot overwhelm it

When I find you I find healing
When I find you I find peace
And I know that there's no river so wide
No mountain so high, no ocean so deep
That you can't part the sea

Friday, May 22, 2009

She was a Dancin' Queen

Ain't nothing like it....that very first dance recital...
The music
The excitement
The costumes
....the make up!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

When we All get to Heaven

The past is washing over me just now…it has been for a few weeks now. Is it a cleansing flow? I’m not sure but the pain isn’t as acute as it has been. Reaching out to brothers and sisters who I love dearly and have been missing for what seems like an eternity, I have recently been made aware of just how wonderful heaven must be.

My son in law made a statement at his and my daughter’s wedding that bears repeating…he said

“having all the people I love in the same place at the same time…that’s heaven to me”

I think I can see it…through a glass darkly, I can possibly see just what heaven might be like….It is a place where all my brothers and sisters and I can be together…with no miles, no differences of opinion, no walls, without any of this life’s pain or the smell of flesh between us…all is truly peace and light and the purest of joy, fellowship complete…

I can almost see it…through the veil…and it is a place I long for...a place I miss though I can’t actually say I’ve ever being there…or perhaps I have been… in my spirit and maybe even a few times in my body too. :)…some gatherings of the saints are beyond words, you know.

I have never been one for pie in the sky religion and “when we all get to heaven” sentimentality…. I firmly believe that eternity, for us, begins right here and now the moment we meet Jesus, we step into what has been ever ongoing between the Father and the Son, and we begin partaking of what our spirits have always known and sought to partake of… a life meant to be lived out from eternity past into eternity future…inside of Him. This has been my experience in live in the eternal Now.

Yet today…this week…these touches from the hearts and spirits of my brothers and sisters tell me that one day…in the sweet bye and bye…there is more, more than we can currently manage in our frail humanity…One Glad Day we will truly know as we are known and dwell in a place of oneness we can only dream of and our flesh prevents us from just now. Something in my heart is longing for that day today….as tears fall…. tears of pain and of joy, all at the same time…but greater still.....tears of longing.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

The little black dress

Update: :) thank you all for your kind words. As Trish was inquiring, I was on my way to a fund raiser/party with my hubby for his work. Unfortunately I had laryngitis and couldn't talk to anyone..:( lol...He's been bugging me for weeks to get a dress and come with was actually fun... He does lots of this stuff but I rarely go...I'm thinking of making it more of a priority. :)

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Things to do...

1. Help with the neighborhood Yard Sale (huge traffic yesterday!)
2. Shop for a little black on Thurs...MUST find something!!
3. Grocery Store run
4. Pick up Mom at the airport
5. Check out a great chair I found on Craigslist (well that may have to wait) but its a really great chair!