Friday, March 09, 2012


Hello Blogworld!
Its been a long time but some of my sister are forcing me back into blogland. They are refusing to Facebook and writing all their interesting stuff on their blogs....its making me want to write again...well we'll just see how long this lasts...Lol

I have been backslidden from blogging for quite some time. Either I haven't had the time, nor anything to say or just so caught up in my world that I have no coherent thoughts...maybe that is changing a bit...or I said, we shall see.

I was just recently preached a sermon by Mark Hall of Casting was from their new album called Come to the Well. He (being the Lord) spoke clearly to me...He said "What well are you drawing from? The well of your past experiences....the well of your failures...the well of your about the well of your spirituality? and how's that working for you?
I saw so clearly that I have been drawing ..for quite some time, from all of those wells...and that those were all fine and dandy sources of living water once up on a time... but in Mark Hall really just holes in the ground.....drawing from those will guarantee that I will be thirsty again....Living water is my only hope...and there is only one source for that.....I need fresh and new living water from the Living Well every day..all the matter how grand the old "wells" may have been...they are just that...OLD...
So here's to getting unbackslidden (is that a word?) and remembering how to draw from the Living Well that springs up inside....Maybe some living water will spill over into my blog...who knows...