Friday, November 05, 2010


I've been gallivanting around these last few weeks and have barely stopped to smell the roses...or fallen leaves ...or ocean spray....Its been quite the jaunt and
I'm tired! Can't believe how tiring having fun can be...or maybe I picked up a bug...regardless..I've spent the last few evenings on the couch in front of the TV.
Tonight I have the Girl with me for a sleepover...SO I may not get fully rested up. :)
Thought I'd post a few picks of the other gorgeous places I've see since Idaho.

The gorgeous fall foilage is at Cloudland Canyon State Park. my hubby and I celebrated our anniversary there with a 5 mile was a perfect day!

The beach pics are at St. Augustine, FL. Spent a few days there with our daughter and SIL on his pre-deployment leave. Please keep them in your prayers as he will be deployed in Nov. Again...perfect days and our son came to join us...what could be better?? Sun, food and famiily!
And Yes, I realize the pics are would think blogger would make it easier to upload pis by now, wouldn't you?? It seems to have gotten harder since I've been on a blogging break...or I'm to lazy to fix it...Enjoy!