Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Place I think of in the Springtime

Seems like we tend to do a lot of traveling in the springtime....not sure why that is because summer seems like a more likely time...still there are some the places I've been in the spring that have made an impression on me...
...they drift back to me across the years whenever I smell lilacs or see pink tulips and hyacinths...whenever I feel the new warm sun and see the fuzzy green billowing on the tress like smoke...or when ever I hear certain songs from Frank Sinatra for that matter...:) for me he is The Soundtrack of Spring.
Ahhh.... so many beautiful places in this many springs!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Rascal Flatts - The Day Before You

How bout some LIF!
Lyrics I'm feeling today. So thankful I never have to go back to the day before HE changed everything!

Friday, March 05, 2010

The year of ME

I am like most of you....I wear many hats. I am a daughter and a sister...biologically and spiritually. I am a wife, a mother and a grandmother. I am intermittently a friend, lover, playmate, accountant, chef, mystery shopper, housekeeper, landscaper, home interior designer & repairman, counselor, organizer, & veterinarian. My life, for years, has been full, full, full of figuring and planning and working out details so that everyone in it has what they need, when they need it,.... gets where they need to go...on time...and is generally well loved and cared for. Its what we women do...often at our own expense. You know its true, ladies!
So has been the case for me. Over these many years that I have been wearing so many hats I must confess that my own needs, wants, and whatevers, have fallen perilously close to the bottom of the list in priority.
2010 is the year that all ends...or at least takes a break.
I made a decision in 2009 that it was high time I took care of hubby has been pushing it for years so he is my biggest's what I'm doing about it.

1. Surgery on my toe....I will no longer put up with daily pain and ugly shoes!
2. Join the gym.... I refuse to feel and move like a 70 yr old when I can feel, move, AND look like a 35 yr old! 1 month in and so far its really fun and I'm feeling good!
3. Eat well ..... I have been improving in this area over the last 5 yrs since my hubby has been ill so I will continue eating moderate serving of food in a diet that includes lots of fresh veggies and fruit...more organics, more natural stuff in everything..less processed, less fast
food (no longer tastes good anyway :))
4. Cut my caffeine intake and up my water intake....this decision was incorporated in the fall of '09 and I am happy to announce that I have reduced my soda intake to 1-12 oz can per day and upped my water intake to approx 64+ oz per day..about 1/2 a gallon. (really helps my skin)
5. Remove as much artificial sweeteners as possible from my diet.....I have switched over to Stevia use in all my drinks; soda, tea and coffee...huge for me. I have done this for about 4 months now.
6. Include good vitimins, calcium, probiotis and other supplements I feel are important in my daily routine.
7. Deal with my dental and oral health ( today with surgery, next a bridge)

8. Eye exam and new contact lenses AND new glasses that mirror my new prescription.

9. Sleep more! (with lower caffeine intake this is mandatory...and happening regularly since I can't hold my eyes open after 10pm)
10. Exercise my brain. I have consciously returned to my love of reading, making appointments with myself to relax and spend time on the weekend reading novels....also forcing my self to memorize and remember details...(I had been letting those kinds of things slide over the last few years)
11. Focus some loving time and thought on my husband....not illness related! Him and me...I want to stay in love forever!
12. Find Creative outlets....I have made time for scrapbooking and begun a quilting project with my mom and I am actively researching some avenues for singing in the area. My mom and I are having a blast doing something together we have never done before, its awesome! The singing thing may not happen this spring or even this year but I am working toward it. I refuse to lose my voice because of lack of opportunity, even if I have to take voice lessons again, and I love public performance too much to never do it again!
13.... and last but not least... Nurture my spirit, incorporating small bits of quiet Time, Reading and Meditation...daily... and participating in More conversation with others about His Life.... a natural part of my life for years, this area has fallen dormant over the past few years but I am making a conscious effort to not allow that to happen. He IS my Life and I intend to live Him more fully every day, breathing in His goodness and mercy that is surely following me every step of my way.

WOW! Just writing all that down makes me pretty proud of myself. I knew I had made a 360 degree turn in my life but seeing it in black and white...well it really is a LOT of stuff! I must say...I ROCK! :)

I challenge you to take stock of your life and see if you are letting some important things fall by the way side..then take a good look at the big picture and say with all your heart "I'm worth the effort!" I did and I am SO glad!

Here's to "The Year of ME!"