Sunday, October 21, 2007

New paths

Its been a very busy season in my life lately...I'll share more later about what I've been up to...besides the usual of broken appliances, car repairs, house maintenance, visitors and the like...:) not to mention autumn adventures like the fair... the Apple Festival and the Pumpkin Patch..:)
Trying to keep up any kind of house, spiritual or physical has been challenging to say the least...and unfortunately my blogging has suffered as well.
Did I mention I went to the Opera a couple weeks ago? No, I don't believe I did..:) It was fun and I got to dress up..and I mean really dress up! Not my usual cup o tea but certainly an interesting experience.
Did I tell you my nephew whom we haven't seen much in 20 years came to visit and then my son and his girl? No? well they did...
and the dryer burned out and the chimney got cleaned so we can have a fire as soon as it get cooler...we're almost there... and we had a bonfire and made smores...:) New fun for Jada...:) mom too..she had her very first smore...can you believe that??
I'm on a fun kick...well sort of...more like an "experience" kick. See most of my adult life Ive spent exploring and encouraging ones and old ones passed on to the next smores..:)
We didn't do much growing children, our experience was very limited...and when I married my man...which BTW was 31 yrs ago last Friday...he wanted to explore life to the fullest...sounded good to off we went..trying new things, going to new places, meeting new people. its been great..and different..and sometimes weird...but certainly educational...and it has given me a great appreciation for peoples and places everywhere and an ability to enjoy the beauty in the world around me...even if it is outside my own comfort zone...for this I am eternally grateful. Anyway... we have tried to pass this love of adventure and appreciation of things different on to our kids and to a great extent I believe we have been successful. We have also tried and try to expose our kids and now Jada to all the fun things in life we can, and to share those experiences together.
Hence the Pumpkin patch and the Apple should have heard my son and daughter reminiscing about when they were kids at their favorite orchard in PA. Nothing like it..:)
This exposure to new experiences has made for lots of memories, great family bonding and opportunities galore for lessons in life, love and Jesus. There is a great amazement in me for the many paths my Lord has allowed me to explore... and I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow from those paths.
Very soon, Nov 1st actually, I'll be embarking on yet another new adventure full of firsts and new experiences...and like anything new, I'm very excited, a little bit nervous and kinda scared......and as with any new thing, I'm sure I will make lots of memories, do some great bonding and learn lessons galore.
I would very much appreciate your prayers as I head off down this new path that He has placed in front of me. Nov 1st I launch my new business
Carte Blanche Assistance.
Take a look and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

GA State Fair

We paid a visit to the North Georgia State Fair
last week with you know, fun, fun!

We're tired now!