Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hello & Seeing Sound

Well, this is a first for me. I am blogging, imagine that! I've named my site Cheryl's Treehouse since my new house sits among the trees and is full of monkeys. :) Not really, well it is a full house, my hubby, my mom, my 2 daughters and my little granddaughter all live with me in my nut (oops, I mean tree) house. Its actually a lot of fun. We all do dishes and laundry and chase after Jadabear, the 2yr old. Its a very busy life with jobs and chores and a wedding in the works and of course there is always the thread of the life of the church running in and about and through everything. We, my hubby and I, are very involved in the church and give a lot of priority to that but mostly we give priority to our Lord. Whatever He wants, He gets. :)
I have been thinking lately about His voice. I have learned that sound can actually be seen, science has proven it. But I really already knew it inside myself. I already knew that when He speaks I see Him and when His church speaks, I see Him and upon the hearing Christ is formed in me. Science suggests that sound is possibly the basis of everything. Perhaps this is true. It lends a whole new meaning to "In the beginning was the Word" and "He upholds everthing by the word of His power" Something inside me says "Amen".
Hmmmm, now who said that?