Monday, February 20, 2006

The Circus, the airport and the fish market

Just another crazy weekend in Atlanta. LOL

We started our looong weekend (it just felt long it wasn't' really) with our trip to the Circus. What was supposed to be fun, fun, fun turned sour. :( My hubby wasn't feeling well, but of course went along since it was our Valentine's present....we got lost....arrived late...and ended up sitting on concrete steps to watch since all the seats in our box were taken....except for the one we gave over to my mom...who believe it or not, has never been to the circus. We were certainly not in the best condition for the next few days due to 40 something year old bodies + butts on concrete ....My mother, however, had a blast! :)

Next the freezing rain moved in giving us ample reason to hibernate for a couple days in front of the fire with a good book. Very nice!

Yesterday hubby and I spent the day shopping for an appropriate outfit for the mother of the Bride...that's me :). who can argue with shopping :) hard can this be? Well...we checked out Bloomys. Macys, Parisian, Nordstrom and Fileen's Basement...No luck so far...nothing...nada! I'm getting scared now....well possibly one at Parisian might work. (I could use some prayer here, people)

After that....The Atlanta Fish Market is one of the landmark restaurants in the city and since we were hitting every large department store in Buckhead we decided to splurge and treat ourselves to lunch/dinner (is that dunch?). All I can say is AWESOME! Every time we go there I am blown away. If you ever get to ATL you really should try it. Its definitley a piece of local color too. daughter (the Bride) who was visiting her fiance over the weekend in TX calls up to tell me that her 10pm flight arrival has been bumped back to 11pm...then 11:30pm...then 12:30am....GREAAATTT ...
So folks, come 12 midnight I'm driving down the Interstate while black ice is forming, to pick her least she made it in last nite rather than this morning or I wouldn't be typing to you now.

Bed around 2am just about winds up my was yours? :)


Bek said...

i didn't realize u were from atlanta til i saw this title.....last wednesday at a prayer/worship meeting with about 10 people, the Lord (out of nowhere) put Atlanta on our hearts! 3 of us got words about atlanta! so we began to pray into it and we felt Isaiah 60 - that this is the time for the atlanta bride of Christ to arise and shine!!! so we were praying for you!! HA! (and also, do u happen to know of larry tomczak's church down there?) God bless today, my atlanta friend!! ohio...bek

Jada's Gigi said...

Wow Bek! That's awesome! I'll pass that info along to my friends here who are part of that Bride here in ATL. May She arise and shine indeed! They will be so encourged.
and yes, I do know Larry Tomczak but I haven't heard from him in years and had no idea he was here in the area.

kath said...

Atlanta.... my son lives there.. i have been many times, but usually stick to the area around the art museum, little five points and i have a ridiculous affection for the underground.. lol

Buckhead.. I have been.. but maybe only once to that area..

My son lives in the middle of mid-town.. nice neighborhood.. park right across the street.. love it there...

I dread shopping.. and shopping for mother of the bride sounds frightful....!

I will possibly have to face it sometime.. maybe not..

good luck with the shopping ..

Nancy said...

We actually got snowed in during our weekend to Kentucky! The extra day was not bad though!