Tuesday, February 28, 2006

This is wild

I saw the results from a national survey on TV this morning and take a look at this!

...this survey included women from all walks of life with a number of the women labeling themselves as "feminists".
The question was:
What things make women the happiest in their marriages?

And Survey says....

1) Husband is loving and affecionate

2) Husband sets aside time for his wife

3) Husband is the main breadwinner

4) She doesn't need to work outside the home unless she desires to

5) Husband helps around the house

6) She attends church regularly with her husband

Amazing isn't it?!?


Mrs Zeke said...

I think the whole "you can do it all by yourself" finally wore women out enough to raise the white flag and say "fine I give up"

How silly we are sometimes.

Bek said...

#3 is interesting....b/c you think it would be the least likely thing for a feminist or really even a politically correct/culturally aware woman to say these days.....but for sure its got to be true! what woman likes the pressure of having to be a career woman and a stay at home mom? and whichever you choose you are looked down upon! hmmmm

Gordon Cloud said...

This seems familiar. I think I have read all six of these steps somewhere. Oh, wait a minute, that's right! It was in the Bible.

Great post. It seems the further away from God's way of doing things we get, the more frustrated we get.



I fit in with 1, 2 & 5....that any good?

Kimber said...

That explains why I am so happily married :)

Debbie said...

I always thought that Gloria Steinhem (supreme feminist) ruined it for all of us and made us feel guilty for wanting the things on that list. I personally think feminism killed chivalry and so I resent the movement a tad but I am grateful that we have a choice whether to be the woman with the wants on the list or not