Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What's wrong??

What is wrong with me?!
I feel so yucky! Blah, blah. Is it the mid-winter blues? That "time" of the month? The fact that Jada came up for a surprise visit over the weekend and now I miss her more than ever? The fact that my 40+ body has numerous aches and pains this week (possibly caused by lifting during said visit from granddaughter)? or maybe a contribution from the aforesaid "tanning"? (I feel like I do when I've had too much sun). Could it be emotional....we are having some emotional upheaval here,... children( making questonable choices), wedding planning (translate - losing a daughter and paying for her departure, :) not questionable choices here folks), church, (translate- on-going turmoil...some of you know something of what I mean). I suppose it all combines to create the yuckiness I'm experiencing.... sigh.....

Then this morning I remembered something. It came to me from inside myself somewhere ....Something I know deep down inside where He lives....No one ever had to tell me is something I have always known. It came to me in the words of an old song we used to sing in our Youth group years ago.......

God is Greater!


Vicki said...

Yep, I'm feeling, too, but thank you for the wonderful reminder that God is greater! I think we females deal a lot with fluctuating hormones, on top of life that's also fluctuating day to day.

How's the wedding plans coming along? Having just gone through that a few months ago with my own daughter, I have fond memories of it all. Of course, our pockets re emptier but our heart is still full, because you don't just lose a daughter but gain another son. Cherish the memories--it'll be gone in a flash.


Vicki said...

meant to say "feeling yukky too"

Mrs Zeke said...

You know we get to this place sometimes where so much is going on that we just feel yuky and become a bit numb..
But in you remembering God is greater you nipped it :)

Its wonderful to know your loved

Hattigrace said...

Hey, we belong to the wonderful Creator of all that is and ever was. Thanks for your encouraging insight!!

Radical One said...

hey girl! it's no wonder you're feeling have so much going on! not like it's your choice or anything, but i'm sure you're somewhat on overload.

i haven't been thru the wedding thing yet (my oldest is 19) but i'm trying to prepare myself as vicki said... "gain another son" instead of losing my daugther. it's gotta be tough tho.

keep talking about it and of course you're using great wisdom in knowing "GOD IS GREATER"! may you be blessed with peace and joy during this time.

In Him,

Kimber said...

I'm sorry to hear that you have the "icky blahs" but I agree with all the comments so far...

I am sure that hormones, the wedding "stress" and "emotions" of letting go and seeing your daughter all GROWN-UP, while gaining a "son" in the process - is a lot to take in!

I have my share of "icky blahs" from time to time - and I am not even going through half the things you are right now!

So hang in there girl, and have GRACE for YOURSELF! And keeping running into Your Daddy's arms for comfort...and know that your bloggie friends are here for ya too :)

Praying for ya!

Tammy said...

Guess it's going around...I'm praying for ya!