Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Happy March!

Congratulations to Sgt. Leigh Ann Hester, the first female Silver Star recipient since WWII! Wow! I have tears of pride in my eyes!

Today is March 1st and you know what that means.......
Let the March Madness begin!
Spending several years in Durham NC has prepared me for this annual event as no other method possibly could. Moving to this basketball mecca when my children were 5th, 7th and 10th grades was very difficult. Only my husband and son were familiar with the basketball dynastys which call the NC triangle home so needless to say, my children, especially my girls were, totally blindsided by the fact that the moment they stepped into their classrooms at school they were required to "pick a side". Living 5 blocks from the Duke campus, me working at UNC and my hubby working 1 block from NC state, made for some difficult choices. Well, not for the girls...they didn't know any better so they just "picked" a team. Believe it or not, all these years later, they all still stand by those first uninformed choices....:) ahhh childhood loyalties die hard don't they? One is a Duke fan and one is a UNC fan, naturally. :) My son...well he's not as committed and loves them all unless they are playing each other or Temple. haha
Each year my hubby, son and brother-in-law eagerly await the brackett pages to appear in the newspaper. They each fill in their choices and then call each other almost daily to compare notes and do so all the way up to the finals. Its really a blast, very exciting and fast moving...especially as teams are playing on top of each other and falling like flies. Exciting stuff! this year Duke is definitely in there as a contender, as usual...Coach K is amazing, isn't he? and UConn is very strong too. (booo)
UNC lost too many players last year to make a comeback but we're watching Villanova just for fun (did I mention my brother-in-lw was in school there during their "Cinderella" year when they won it all?) ......Yeah, come March, we're all basketball fans.
do you play the bracketts? what are your picks?

.... hang on...its always a fun ride...


As for American Idol......
Both of our local Christian radio stations had AI contestants on the phone this morning to dish on last nite's show. ;)
As you may know, Paris Bennett and Kinnick Sky are Georgians... and we are all so proud. :) But of course Southern girls can sing!
All I can say is Paris is showing her age...and I don't think she's a very mature 17. She will be day.
I thought Kinnick rocked last nite with her "I'm Here for the Party" perfomance and her cowgirl garb. Very cute.
I think both of them will survive this week.


bjk said...

You might enjoy this guys post today...

Yeah my whole family is MAD this time of year and yet I don't know how to pick a team to save my life myself...but like you said...alot of fun watching them get so into it!!

Debbie said...

I'm still not too happy with any of the girls this year.

Brenna has got to go

Angela said...

Ahh, yes, March Madness. Unfortunately for my hubs (who is a tax consultant) he is very busy, but always finds time to watch a game or two here and there. His whole family fills out the brackets, Last year, I picked teams whose names I thought were cool, oh, well that and Duke, lol!!! As for AI, I am a die hard fan, but an having a little trouble getting into it this year...we'll see how it goes, lol=)=)

Kimber said...

Having two guys in the house who are athlete's - we see plenty of basketball over here!!!

On Sunday we are goin' as a fam to see the Cav's play (okay not College Ball...but fun none-the-less :) The boys CAN'T wait, and the girls are kinda excited too :)

re: AI - Got to see the girls this week...I think Paris is a cutie (didn't like her song choice)...and found myself agreeing with Simon's comments - which is way WEIRD!!
I think I hoping one of the "guy's" wins this time :)

Radical One said...

hey girl! thanks for your comments! i've never thought of it from your perspective but it's soooooo good..."Not does he make a lot of money but is he responsible"?


Nancy said...

I am SO glad that annoying girl went home tonight. She was getting on my nerves!!

Nancy said...

Plus, Carrie Underwood was showing a little cleavage...