Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscar Surprise??

Did you see the Oscars last nite? I saw a good bit of them and for once I was pretty well pleased....except for that horrible song from Hustle and Flow...yuck!
Who would have thunk that "the Academy" (written with a sense of awe I assure you. :) could have dared to be so main stream! Who could believe that they would listen to the money jingling in the bank from the thousands of "Red Staters" who attend the movies each year, and steer clear from the most extremes of the nominees....So Phillip Seymour won best actor...I think because he deserved it...not for playing a"gay role" but for portraying a man who happened to be well as eccentric, talented and strange. This is more of what I would like to see in Hollywood...can we award people for work well done as opposed to lines well crossed? And what about Reese?? I was definitly cheering for her. Her portrayal of June Carter Cash was phenomenal...(I told you Southern girls can sing, Reese handled the singing very well, to not even BE a singer)...Best pic, well of the awful choices offered, I have to say "Crash" was the most intriguing, "beating out the front runner" How, pray tell, do they know who the front runners are?? Me thinks they buy their own advertisement.
Reminds me of a friend living in PA during the last elections who was completely shocked when Kerry lost to Bush, stating that he didn't know one single person who voted for Bush. I answered sassily, "apparently someone did" :).... I think when you surround yourself by a particular viewpoint you tend to lose sight of the big picture and Hollywood has a long history of this very thing.
When will they realize that most Americans are only mildly interested in pushing the envelope and could care less what politics they think are important. Maybe soon they will get back to making movies that entertain rather than make statements....nah...probalby not. :)

For you fashion gurus...
Didn't Selma Hayek and Jennifer Lopez look stunning in their colorful gowns? The Latin girls stole the show as far as I was concerned in the fashion department. My daughter and I both gasped in startled awe as they came on camera. Wow! :)....Cute little Jessica Alba was pretty too in her Oscar gold. :)


bjk said...

I was surprised but I did like the song that won....

And how about Charlize Theron's fashion don't...ewwwwww

Angela said...

I was happy to hear(too tired to stay up) Crash won, very GOOD movie, very interesting, it was actually the only one I had seen of the ones nominated.

Seriously, what was up with that song? Maybe I am being close minded, lol?

And the two favs, Selma and Jessica. They looked stunning!!! Felicity Huffman looked beautiful too.

Kimber said...

We missed it - thanks for the update :)

Hope you had a great weekend ;)