Monday, March 20, 2006

The Dress

So I bought a dress for the wedding a few weeks, sort of. A shimmery silvery mauvy pink. I can't really wear pastels, except maybe pink and what else do you wear to a garden themed wedding in the spring? looks pretty good. Nice style, nice color, lots of sparkle, fits beautifully.
My mom has been looking too. I think she really wanted a pink one too but wanted me to have first pick, me being the mother-of-the bride and all.

This weekend I bought another dress for the wedding. I love it! Its green, sort of deep springy, olivey color (not the fallish olive) It really pops and brings out my eyes, and my tan and, and, and....:) Can you tell I love it? I do.....
til I get it home and try it on with the necessary under garments...uh oh....cleavage....not exactly fitting right now.....can it be tailored? I don't know. I know the tailor can work on it...but then if that doesn't work...I'm stuck with the dress and discomfort. And its sooo perfect otherwise!
Should I keep it and try having it tailored? should I forget it and go back to the pink or worse yet, keep looking? We're under 3 weeks to go now, people.

Oh yeah, get this. I called my mom to tell her I had bought a green dress and she could go ahead and get a pink one with a clear conscience. Before I could say a word she says "Guess what? I bought a dress for the wedding..... Its green."


Bek said...

ha! :) my mom is looking too, with my brother's wedding just 5 weeks away. she has only gone once and found nothing. and the colors she is deciding between? green and pink. :) oh, and best of luck to you, sorry i can't help too much!

Bar Bar A said...

Wow, what a decision! Here's my two cents: The pink one sounds like it's very flattering and fits perfect, but the green one - even though you like it more, has a few possible issues including your mom having a green dress. I say "think pink!"

I was at a wedding Saturday, aunt of the bride. It's so exciting isn't it?

Hattigrace said...

Okay, you obviously love the green one. Is a bit of cleavage a bad thing for a beautiful woman at a so special event? Maybe your mom's is a different green, and certainly, a different style. I kind of think mauve/pink can be rather dated, like matronly? Maybe not.

Anyway, thank you for your ever encouraging comments.

What about a great broach at the neckline to close in the cleavage a bit, yet make it really dramatic, but more modest? Pearl broach or bling bling broach?

Gina said...

Funny! We want pics!! Must see the dresses : )

Hoots Musings said...

I am sure either dress will look lovely on you. Go with the one that makes your eyes shine and sparkle!

Jada's Gigi said...

You know I really don't mind the cleavage but the fit isn't eactly right either......and Hattigrace, you are probably right about the pink being matronly...I looked at quite a few before I found one I didn't think was AS matronly(there are a gazillion "pink" choices). I think I will be paying Vicki's Secret a visit this week to investigate...:)

Praying for your Prodigal said...

I completely understand the dilemma! My daughter was married last August...and by the end of my anxiety-driven-mother-of-the-bride-dress-shopping: I had four dresses! :) The real test of which dress I would wear--how I felt the day of the wedding. These are things you can't predict; so you must be ready! Save the receipts ladies! :)


Debbie said...

Take my advice.
Go with comfort.
Weddings are long and you want to be both beautiful and comfortable if you are going to be worried about how you look or feeling uncomfortable you are not going to enjoy the wedding and your memories in the future, as you look at the photos will be, Ugh! Remember that dress. What was I thinking?"
You can be beautiful and comfortable 3 weeks gives you plenty of time to get a dress (that is if you neglect everything else in your life:) ha!)

Goody said...

For me the key was not to buy the traditional "mother of the bride" dress. I didn't want to wear anything that I wouldn't normally wear. So for 4 different daughters, I had 4 different dresses, what I thought stylish enuf for the times and right for me. I wore each one once, and then off to the Good Will. And, I got most of them on sale. Perhaps invest in something simple and buy some fabulous SHOES!!!!! I' am sure that you will look wonderful!

Radical One said...

yea we need to see pics of the dresses. then we can give you a vote. LOL

and thanks for your prayers on behalf of our family. it's wonderful knowing that you're being lifted up to our Father, during these times.


Hattigrace said...

I am a firm believer MOBs need to walk down that isle feeling and looking drop dead beautiful. Not flashy and whorey, but vibrant, diva, shapely colorful, classy, confident and peaceful.

You are your children's mentor on the aging process. We want to give them hope, make them feel proud. We don't want to melt into dusty chiffon and fade into the photo books in the library!

Take them both back. Don't buy one until you stand in front of the mirror and LOVE what's looking back at you! And, splurge. You spend buckets on your children. It is a high moment, in photos forever. Be the queen!!!!

Jada's Gigi said...

thanks for all your imput. I'll keep you posted...and maybe some pics but probably not til I have ones of the wedding....I'm not high tech enough to put pictures in eveyr day. lol