Friday, March 31, 2006

Miscelleanous Diversions and LIF Day!

Up til 2:30am...Bek departs for FL today! Lists are made, details assigned, so I think we have everything under control...daffodils are blooming...right on cue....:) how nice :)

Saw 3 huge hard plastic bunnies, decorating a neighbor's home this am on the ride least 4 ft tall each and the kind you put a light inside.....hysterical....
I never saw people decorate so for every holiday til we moved to Philly 20 yrs ago...those people decorate for and celebrate EVERYTHING including all major and minor holidays and some we'd never even heard of...Jamacian Independence Day???
Anyways....its nationwide pretty much now to decorate for most holidays and it is kinda fun...but 4 ft plastic bunnys lining your drive??? LOL


I offer a toast honor of my little girl who almost isn't anymore...and to the creator, originator and most wonderful Lord who dreamed up marriage in the first place.
My choice for Lyrics I Feel today is a song written in one of the churches we fellowship with. It is a love song between the Lord Jesus and His Bride...the One True Marriage....the substance from which our dim shadow is derived. It is to the tune of Greensleeves or you may know it as What Child is This. Try singing it to this'll be blown away, I promise!
Have a fabulous weekend!

Sweet Bride

Sweet Bride, my love, come away with me
Leave your cares behind, I have set you free.
The winter's past, and the rain is gone
It is time to arise and go with me...

Come, come, come away with me
Let our hearts be one for eternity
Come, come, come away with me
And we'll dwell together forever.....

At last, my Lord, I have heard your voice
It is all I hear, Oh my heart, rejoice!
You bid me come, now I follow You
It matters not where You may take me.

Jesus, my fair Lord and king
To you my heart with joy I bring
Jesus, I belong to you
For You have desired to love me.


Bek said...

what a beautiful toast to your daugheter, i love the song. is her name rebekah?

Goody said...

I love this song too!

kath said...


To your wonderful daughter... and the love you share with her..

Paula said...

Oh wow! I'm going to copy those words and sing them. I love it!! When I married it poured rain and was an outdoor wedding. Everything fell apart. Many guests left. The ceremony was messed up. Everyone (except me, the groom and our maid of honor and best man who were on the porch of this big, old historic home) was soaked. Those who remained for the wedding crammed into the entryway of the old house and my husband took the pastor's Bible and read to me from the passage in SOS. "Come away my love, the rain is over and past . . ."

I've sure appreciated your kind words on my blog. Thanks for your encouragement.

Hikingalong said...

I know your heart is so full of joy and emotion. What a beautiful song you've shared. Hold fast to the dreams of the past when your daughter was younger but look forward to the future that lies ahead for her as she rejoices in sharing it with the love of her life. God bless you with strength for the days ahead and may he grant you his peace.

Jada's Gigi said...

What a wonderful memory! and how quick thinking of your new husband. :)
Try the song with a brother/s singing the Lords part and the sister/s singing the Brides part. Chills I tell you!

Anonymous said...

i didn't know this song but i know the tune of what child is this. i love that song! it's beautiful! thanks for leaving me a note in my blog. God bless you, dear sis. =)

Gina said...

Wow, that is gorgeous. You should have seen me sitting here singing to my computer! What an exciting time Cheryl.

Kim said...

I love this song! And you are right about having the male and female voices singing to one another! Goosebumps every time!

Love to the whole family!!