Wednesday, September 06, 2006

3 things Meme

It was a lovely 68 degrees here this morning....clear skies....fall is coming...yay!!

Can't usually get myself together to do the tags but thought I'd tackle this one...

3 things that scare me~
the evening news
spider webs in the dark
near misses on the highway

3 people that make me laugh~
My Hubby
My Jada
My blog buddie, Tammy who was the person who tagged me.

3 things I love~ (you said things) :)
my emeralds
my house
my purty sporty blue car

3 things I hate~
inequality or would that be injustice?
traffic jams

3 things I don't understand~
The French
how Survivor has survived so long on TV

3 things I'm doing right now~
eating lunch
drinking diet pepsi
sorting client statements

3 things I want to do someday~
hike the Applacian Trail
Buy a cabin in the mountains
Vacation in Italy

3 things I can do~
boss others :)
trim hedges

3 ways to describe my personality~

3 things I cannot do~
eat eggs without salsa
speak a foreign language

3 things I think you should listen to~
Voice of God
Your spouse
Les Miserables

3 things I think you should never listen to~
private conversations

3 absolute favorite foods~
Mexican- fajitas umm umm
Italian-shrimp alfredo..yum
Seafood (fried) :)

3 things I'd like to learn~
to play piano
how to stop time

3 beverages I drink regularly~
iced tea
diet Pepsi

3 shows I watch~
Prison Break
American Idol

3 bloggers I tag
Anyone who wants to jump in...feel free. :)

Do you have anything in common with me?? :)


Barb said...

Lots in common actually. The evening news scares me, I hate injustice, I've never ever understood dishonesty, I am very good at bossing people around and nothing can make me miss a single episode of American Idol, beginning with the ridiculous auditions. But we disagree about Survivor. I should probably be on medication, I'm so hopelessly addicted to reality TV and it all started with Survivor. Richard Hatch and all!

BarBarA said...

I sure do. I like water, the news scares me too and I like salsa with eggs. Oh, and I am dependable. :)

Hliza said...

I love Mexican and Italian food too.. oh, I love so many kind of food! Especially the fatty and unhealthy ones!

Kimber said...

I have lots in common with you too much so that it is scary - in a good way ;) No wonder I love coming to your blog and getting to know you better!!

I hate INJUSTICE...the news scares me and makes me cry...and so do near misses on the highway...people I love make me laugh...I don't understand how most "reality shows" make it...I don't understand people who feel they must "lie" and I sing...those are just a few of the things I share in common with ya :)


T Texas Red said...

yep, lots in common with you. I do wonder why??? don't you??
I even do that thing you said you did today... cry for and over everyone that is,has been, and will be(lol) in your life.I cry over and about what was, is and is to come, it's bittersweet, sad, thankful, joyful, painful...all rolled up into one... it lasts a few minutes(almost always brought on by a song, or a comment, or an airplane in a blue sky, or a verse of scripture that springs to mind at any given moment, or a rainbow!!!)and then it's as if it just lifts... and life is "normal" again...
but I shouldn't be surprised that we have so much in common... we buy the same doo dads... and eyeglasses... and clothes too
I Love You Girl!!!

Ame said...

I hate the evening news and spider webs ... especially in the dark! Near misses on the highway remind me of how close God and His angels are with me and protecting me all the time. I hate inequality and mosquitos & don't understand dishonesty.

I've been told I'm good at bossing others! But I hate to be in any kind of supervisory position ;) Can't speak a foreign language either. Love eggs and love salsa ... sometimes together; most often not.

Love Mexican and Italian and seafood - as long as it's not shellfish - anaphalactic allergy to shellfish!

Would love to learn to play the piano and really get into photography. Sometimes I want time to stop; but mostly I want it to keep moving.

I drink mostly water and iced tea. The shows I watch are all decorating shows ;) Love HGTV! Oh, and What Not to Wear!

Fun getting to know you this way!!!

Andrew B said...


I just landed in here from far away on a tip from a friend about your 22 Sept post on worship and fellowship with God. I learned something valuable from that, thankyou.

I am curious about your remark here about the evening news being scary. This is echoed by several of your friends' comments. What is it about your evening news?

The main points on our evening news today were (as far as I recall):
- debate in the parliament about the proposed national budget for next year - there was a lot of theatre because we have elections in a few weeks.
- the debate included a brief reference to our contribution to the war in Iraq now that investigations are showing that the world is a more dangerous place as a result of the war.
- an environmental disaster in the Ivory Coast in Africa caused by a ship dumping chemical waste there. The ship was earlier allowed to leave the port of Amsterdam with the stuff on board. Apparently if the laws and regulation had been properly applied that could have been prevented.
- a fire in a hospital operating theatre in which the patient on the operating table died.
- proposals for measures limiting the predatory behaviour of certain investment funds with short term profit strategies which destroy healthy businesses.
- a major hospital where the heart surgery department was completely shut down by the Ministry of Health six months ago because of bad practice by the surgeons, has now been allowed to re-open the department.

All bad news stories in some respect, nevertheless they each have their positive aspects. And although, generally news which makes the headlines is 'bad' news in some way, and it is very clear the world is in a big mess, I don't find it 'scary'.

So, what is it about your news that's scary?

Andrew B