Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Not a good day

I'm not doing very well today folks...
is it PMS? or the hurricane disaster?
or the fact that it took me 1 hour to get home from work, normally a 25 minute trip but the gas lines around the gas stations were ridiculous and the prices were even more so...$3.98 for reg. as of 5:30pm in good old Hotlana, well the burbs at least.
Was it the fact that I'm missing my beautiful Jada and my beautiful Kate, her mommy?
Was it the fact that I definitley took some negative vibes at our sisters meeting last nite ( some of you know exactly what I mean)?
I just can't pin it down to one thing..oh yeah, and there's more...we have to cancel our Labor Day weekend trip (yeah, gas prices)
I have just felt like crying all day. I know...when you put it down in black and white...its all pretty minor, after all I don't have waterflooding my house or worse yet, no house at all, and all of my family is alive and well and we do know where we will get our next meal ( a roast my mom is cooking downstairs). we can still get to our jobs and we even have gas in our cars although at these prices we won't be buying much more, we'll be car pooling!
Over all things are fine..weird and overwhelming, but fine. I look at the news and I am overwhelmed but then I look around myself and I am reminded to be very thankful.

"Thank you Lord for this day that you have made. I can rejoice in You even when I am stressed and overwhelmed. You are bigger than the wind and the waves and my hormones and my sadness and the gas prices in Georgia! You are bigger than anything!"

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Anna Mason said...

Thanks for sharing your bad day.