Monday, August 29, 2005

I've been tagged!

I've been hit by the "5 Random Facts" fairy! It seems that its my turn to tell all...well, not allllll. :)

Virginia has tagged me in a little "Sarah game" so here goes...

1) I absolutely adore Sarah may attest...flats, heels, stilletos, sneakers, boots, you name it, I love em! and my closet is full...
on the other hand .....I absolutely detest wearing shoes...I am a firm believer that if God had intended us to wear shoes we would have been born with you figure that one

2) I love to eat a salad made of lettuce & green onions with hot bacon grease drizzled over them....yum!
I first tried it at my grandmothers table as a child and I know it sounds bad- but my, my, my, is it good!

3) I never think to take an umbrella with me unless it is actually raining on my head when I get out of the car.

4) Washing feet or kissing toes has never bothered me.

5) Sometimes I forget that we have a moderate income and live like we are in poverty.....
and sometimes I forget that we have a moderate income ...and live like a queen!
(do you think the one pays for the other?? I hope so!)

Goody're it!


Virginia said...

Hmm... bacon grease salad? Usually anything involving bacon is good, so even though that sounds gross to me, I'm betting it's really good! :)

I have a huge shoe collection, but pretty much wear flip flops from April until October. My husband just shakes his head at me.

Sarah said...

Shoes? Heck yes, you do.

Goody said...

I love shoes too! Especially flip flops..called go-aheads in Hawaii in 1959. I have had that salad! My mom used to fix it. German maybe? I don't mind the feet thing either, especially babies!
Say hello to your Mother from me Cheryl. We sat together at the sisters conference in Jax. I liked her!