Monday, August 01, 2005

Ahhh, its another Monday morning.

Oops, I didn't get this posted on Monday. I'm slacking already on this blogging thing!
What a weekend we had! Very busy with sister's sleepover, cleaning and Jada's birthday. Jada is turning 2 this week. Can hardly believe it. She has grown so much this past year and is so cute. I have to get a photo of her online to share. Today or rather last night was a veggie nite. By that I mean that I vegetated! No cooking or cleaning or anything. I delegated dinner preparations to my daughter and retired to the great outdoors to read a magazine and relax. It was finally sunny and positively gorgeous weather after days of rain and thunderstorms and I needed to enjoy some of it. Later I soaked in my beautiful new garden tub for an hour or so and almost fell asleep. A good nights sleep completed the prescription for relaxation. I feel much better today...which is actually Tuesday. :)

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