Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Visions of Sound

Lately I'm having thoughts, impressions, visions...whatever... of sound.
Of waves and swelling and bursting and explosions. I know that sounds strange, but how to explain the voice of the spirit inside of one? the impressions and pictures of seeing with His eyes from inside your spirit. Of sensing what is going on inside the Godhead......

He is the visible expression of the Father, the outraying of His glory, the word of His power...
When the Father speaks, Christ is what we hear, what we see

He is the sound of the Father's voice,
He is the Words the Father speaks
His is the image formed inside of us at the sound of the Father's voice
His is the face we see at the words of the Father
He makes His Father hearable and seeable

And upon the hearing & the seeing...
Christ, formed in us, grows. Ever expanding and reverberating in power and visibility.

Chains fall away!


jayjay said...

Lovely lovely words, Cheryl, and lovely to get those comments from you on my own blog. I shall print out your thoughts and share them around. We are doing the 'Jax diet' at the moment, and some of those truths are so well said in your blog.
Yes, I'm enjoying my course, and indeed have become class MUM. How to be a normal person?? Hmmmm.
Love love love Jen

Jada's Gigi said...

What is the "Jax diet"? I have no idea what they are doing down there, I'm so out of touch. Interesting that any thoughts i have are coinciding. Perhaps we are all learning to see what's going on inside God a little better.

Goody said...

Funny, Cheryl but the sisters here have been hearing the Lord in different sounds as we sit together in each others back yards this summer. IE: In Genesis, when the Lord came to Adam and Eve in the cool of the day...that "cool" meant the wind. We have been hearing him there and in the noises that the squirrels make and the in tips of the trees as they rustle.