Friday, August 26, 2005

The Weekend

Well we have several guests and new people around the hood this weekend. Three families visiting from around the community and 2 sisters from Florida coming up to see the church plus the 3 new families we have who have recently moved into the church. The brothers are having an overnight retreat thing sort of, anyway they will be out of the neighborhood so the sisters are entertaining the guests except for the local brothers who will be going over to the retreat at least for Sat nite's meeting.
We have lots of plans including eating, eating and eating. Can anyone relate??? fortunatley we do have a little bit of spiritual content planned on the sisters side of things :) and the brothers will get plenty of spiritual content in their retreat....As usual we will trust the Lord to reveal Himself in the daily events of our lives and for our visiting sisters and brothers to see Him in new ways - He is always gracious to reveal Himself. Plus we will have the awesome opportunity to partake of Him together and share Him among ourselves. One thing for sure...we will have loads of fun and enjoy being together as always and hopefully Christ will be seen by all!

Have a great weekend!!

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