Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Well, summer is almost over...or is it? We have had the weirdest weather this summer with lots and lots of rain and cool weather and now that school has started back, yes, our poor kids :), the sun has decide to shine and its a regular 90 every day. Just like summer is supposed to be...whats up with that??? I have only been to the pool 5 times this summer...3 this past week...it just weird I tell you. In a couple of weeks it will be Labor day and all you can buy in the mall will be sweaters. Yuck!

Happy days! Both of my daughters have become gainfully employed in one day! Yes, yesterday they both received the news that they are being offered the positions of their dreams. Well not exactly...Bek...she will be managing the labs for private school until she gets married next spring and they didn't even seem to mind that she won't be around for the whole school year. Her dream job involves CSI type gooky stuff...yuck! She'll have to wait til she and hubby are settled somewhere to get into that.

Kate on the other hand is very excited, she is returning to Jax and has landed a very nice position with a good company with bennies and bonuses and such. We are very sad to lose her but you have to follow your heart you know...She's doing alright for a 20 year old kid. We're very proud of her, but we wll miss her and little Jadabear dreadfully!

T and I are reeling from all the changes and I suppose will look back on this season and only remember a blur of events and this season (in our lives but probably not in the weather) looks to last til at least next April when the wedding is planned. Its even weirder than the weather has been.

For now I will try to adjust to the sound of silence in my house.

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Sarah said...

Oh! How hard! I know you will miss them so much!