Thursday, August 18, 2005

Today's the day

Today is the day my baby moves out. Well, the big moving truck day will come in a few weeks after she has secured an apartment and funds to rent a truck, but today is the last day she will call my house her home. I'm very sad, although I know she must grow up, it just seems very quiet in my house already. Its not just her departure either...she is taking my wonderful granddaughter with her. Not just across town either but all the way back to Jax. Happily Jada is staying one more night with her Gigi. Her other grandmom is coming tomorrow to pick her up. We have a great bond, my Jada and I. She loves me and knows she is treasured in return although when asked she always says..."Poppy love you", referring to what her Poppy always says to her. :)
Not that I won't enjoy having time to pursue other things but you know what they say, "I'm rocking my baby and babies can't wait". I will be sorry to miss all her little everyday cutsie exploits and they are plentiful and I'm sure when I see her again, in even a few weeks, she will have grown and be doing new things.
I'm having a teary day but I'm also very proud of my babygirl. She's been bumped around by life already at 20 and she just keeps on moving forward - making me proud. She's really getting very grown up. All my kiddos are and it won't be long until Poppy and I are completely on our own once again after all this time. I guess we'll see what comes next. :)

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Goody said...

I can relate to your emotional dilemma! Every time a child moved out I felt a part of me missing. When the first grandchild was born, my daughter brought him to our house to recoup and they stayed in our bedroom. After a few days it was time for them to go home and I wanted to hold on to Luke because it felt like he was MINE! Now he is 19 years old and still my precious darling baby! I am so happy that I finally get to live really close to the 2 youngest gkids, Bo and Emma. Thankyou Lord! You are so adorable.
Also Cheryl, thanks for commenting on my blogs. I luff you!