Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Well, we are surviving.
How lame is that to think that what we personally are going through has any resemblance to the survival that is going on in this nation!
Gasoline has stablized at $2.99 per gal. for regular gas and we aren't seeing too many closed gas stations. That's pretty much it for Georgia, thank goodness, but the drama of the past week has been overwhelming as we have watched it unfold. Of course our little survival is nothing compared to that of hundreds and thousands across the southeast. The shelters in Atlanta are overflowing with evacuees and I personally do not see hope of them returning to LA for a very long time if ever. Its a strange thing to hear disagreement on what to even call these poor survivors...refugees, evacuees, silly to waste time on such things at a time like this. As for the finger pointing...I think there will be enough blame to go around...

"Lord! Our neighbors and fellow Americans are suffering, please have mercy. Only You know why and we will probably never understand but please have mercy, Lord. Perhaps the masses will turn their hearts to you in this time of distress. May it be so."

Onward we go... He is blue skies!

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lenasparkle said...

I think that's pretty cool that you put a prayer for those people in your blog! I can't wait to read more of your site!