Wednesday, September 07, 2005

In Response

In response to Sarah's post-
...more musings on the subject of growing kids.

Someone once said that kids are like dogs and cats....
when they are young they need everything, to be trained, walked, fed, bathed, cuddled and in return you have their absolute devotion and adoraton. They are delighted when you come in and sad when you leave and under foot in between. They love to be petted and come to the table when called. Just like a puppy dog. haha
But when they become teenagers...well things change...
and like so many kittycats..they become "their own personalities" coming and going as they please - forget training! Appearing to eat when they choose then disappearing again into their rooms or out with friends, withholding their affection until they desire to be touched, holding themselves cool and aloof.
Don't worry though...those days pass and if handled with care...when they turn 20 or so,(I know, its a long time to wait) they miraculously return to being the wonderful puppydogs we once knew. Loving and affectionate and actually desiring the company of their families.

Miracles do happen.. :) This one I have actually seen with mine own eyes.


Sarah said...

Of course we always hope they will stay tuned during the difficult years...
I know you miss yours!

amberdusk said...

Cheryl- That is so true. I am back to loving my family and my twin brothers are out and about. I can't wait until they make thier way back.
Thanks for checking out my blog and Yes you can use that at your church, I am honored you found something meaningful on my site. Peace

Goody said...

An empty nest is a difficult place. Having 5 favorite children has been my joy forever. Now I see my grandchildren getting older and less interested in their "Goody" than they used to be. But I have hope that they will return and remain my precious darling babies forever!
Oh, just when you start getting used to the empty nest thing, your husband retires! It's like starting all over again. (No, not really.......but kinda.)

Jada's Gigi said...

Nice to have you back, Goody. I've been missing you. Been busy lately with no time for computers?? :)))
I don't know what I'll do if my hubby ever retires...send him off to one of the churches I think. lol