Thursday, July 06, 2006

We're baaaacckk

Back home, back to work and back to blog...;)
fun fun fun in the mountains...actually very relaxing...uh yeah, isn't that how va-cas are supposed to be?? come mine never seem to work out like that...we were stressed to the max before departing so maybe we really felt the relaxation this time. :)
Jada girl didn't go home from the hospital til the 4th...she did end up having a piece of the wooden stick lodged in her sinuses which they discovered and removed on Monday nite. She is recovering nicely but staying with her other grandma this week as she cannot go back to school yet and her mommy is starting her new job....oh yeah, except for mommy's terrible cold she caught hanging out in the hospital...they actually sent mommy home yesterday from her first day on the job...poor baby...she's had her plate full these past couple of months!
Please God, let things settle down for them for a while now!

We had a wonderful few days hiking, biking and generally tromping around Pisgah National Forrest and the cute little town of Brevard where, believe it or not they have white squirrels...yes they do! Not actual species of white ones.
I read a complete novel one day, ate out plenty, had a campfire and toasted marshmallows, and heard the Declaration of Independence read in the town square on the 4th. Our fireworks got rained out that evening so we just packed up and took the scenic route home on Wed. And I do mean the scenic route...that would be the Blue Ridge Parkway....It was gorgeous!
We definitley will be purchasing a mountain cabin somewhere one of these days!

Remind me to tell you what mini revelations I had regarding fire and water....:)
I never go anywhere without the Lord so He was there to whisper in my ear and keep me company while sitting by the fire or hiking to some hidden waterfall....
nature itself teaches so much of God....

Hope your 4th was fun and that you were reminded just how much we have to be thankful for in this country! I'll get by your blogs soon...gotta get some work done right now! lol


Anonymous said...

It's a small world. On my favorite radio program "Bob and Sheri", they just talked about Brevard and the white squirrell yesterday. Glad you enjoyed your vacation. Now enjoy your granddaughter!

bjk said...

Glad you're back and that jada is recovering .......tell us more about those revelations!!

Ame said...

Dear God, Thank you for Jada's recovery and two grandma's who love and adore her :) I lift up her Mommy to you ... so exhausted, ill, a new job, emotions drained ... I ask You to be very real and present in her heart and mind and soul right now. Fill her with perfect rest when she sleeps. Fill her heart with perfect peace. Fill her mind with serene thoughts of You caring for her. May she feel and experience Your love and healing for her in very intimate ways ... especially now. I love You, Ame

Cheryl - what a wonderful vacation! And to hear the Declaration of Independence read in the town square! How awesome is that!!!