Monday, July 31, 2006


Quotes from the week:

Gigi, you're my best friend!
Is Poppy home yet?
I want to ride my bike and wear my knee pads.
Will you read me "Babar"?
Who was that boy who gave me Animal Crackers? (Mr. G., Poppy's boss)
There's a bug in my sandbox!!
Can we play in the sprinkler?
Poppy, you're my best friend!
We went to the museum...I painted a picture.
Can I read to you?....."Sometimes Sister Bear is too bossy!!" (from the Berenstein Bears series)
I don't wanna wear these anymore.
I'm playing house with D.W.
I don't like lightening bugs, Gigi..... Get it!! get it!! Put it in the jar!
Granny, (my mom) can we watch cartoons? You're my best friend!
Sing with me Gigi!
Jada, "That's me in the picture".... Gigi, "Really? Are you sure?" Jada, "Yes, that's me" Gigi, "Do you have blue eyes?" Jada, "Yes." Gigi, "Do you have blonde hair?" Jada, "No, I got this." (pointing to her head) LOL
and the topper...Jada, "I'm a black girl and a white girl, all mixed together!" Gigi, "who told you that?"...Jada,"My mommy!"

Great week with Jadabear. We had such fun with her. Nothing like waking up beside a sweet little something and having her put her arms around your neck and say you're her best friend!


Tammy said...

She's a doll baby is what she is!!
I can't wait...this next weekend my grandkids are coming ages 6 and 4!!

Ame said...


I SO cherrish these days with my young girls ... I know they are fleeting and I want to absorb every precious moment and hold it forever!

SO thankful you had such a beautiful week with such a beautiful little girl!!!!!!!!

everydayRANDOM said...

Amen is short. On my way to swim lessons and a free swim after that. A picnic will complete the day..we are lucky women...zalaine

BarBarA said...

That was aweseome! Ohhhhhhhh what a special time for all of you! That's so sweet that she calls you her best friends!

(this makes me miss Wyatt even though he hasn't moved to Germany yet!)

Gina said...

Priceless. Love the "I got this" quote and the "you're my best friend" series. What a little princess.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the Berenstein Bears and lightening bugs!!! Not so much the bugs in the sandbox though!! What an awesome week for the both of you!

Kimber said...

She is such a "peach" - love it!! Thanks for all the great quotes - kids are such a gift and they have a way of melting our hearts don't they!!!

So glad you had such a marvelous time with her - sure wish we could freeze time so priceless!!!

Tammy said...

Such sweetness! Sounds like the Lord blessed you with many memories. They grow up too fast don't they??

Scott said...

That was a sweet and wonderful post Cheryl. What a great format to tell of all the random and endless chatter we get from our little ones. They are truly a gift, and so unpredictable sometimes.

Mrs Zeke said...

Those things are proof that God does indeed love you :)

Be loved

Bek said...

oh, i LOVE the things little kids say. and how everybody close to them is their best friend. :)

angela said...

awe, so sweet!