Friday, July 07, 2006


My hubby and I sang this together as we trekked through the incredible NC mountains this past weekend...I particularly relate to the last verse.....He has truly broken the many chains that bound me and though always and forever free, I never feel freer than when I am alone with God in His creation. I don't know who wrote this...maybe a brother in one of the churches we have fellowship with...

I give You all the honor and the praise thats due Your name
For You are the King of glory
The creator of all things

And I worship You
I give my life to You
I fall down on my knees

As Your Spirit moves upon me now
You meet my deepest need
And I lift my voice to praise Your name
Through all eternity

And I worship You
I give my life to You
I fall down on my knees

You have broken chains that bound me
You've set this captive free
I will lift my hands to praise your name
Through all eternity

And I worship You
I give my life to You
I fall down on my knees
and I worship You.......


Ame said...

Nothing like being "set free" ... I never knew how many chains held me down till they were all removed. I, too, love being in the presence of God surrounded by His creation that praises Him!

Tammy said...

Very nice and what a setting!!

Tammy said...

Isn't so nice to connect with God's creation and just worship Him?!!?

bjk said...

Is that picture from your trip...stunning!!

Enjoy your's fun to watch and shows us HIM !!

Vicki said...

So glad you had a nice trip! I love the mountains. I love singing to the Lord, too. Pray for us. Hubby was diagnosed with melanoma this week...goes to the oncologist for further evaluation later this month. My stomach just turned to hear the news, yet I know who to turn to. Pray for us, k? Haven't decided whether to post about it yet or not.

Love ya bunches,

Gina said...

I don't know this song but the words are just what I needed to put me in a worshipful frame of mind and give God praise. Thank you Cheryl! The photo is gorgeous. What an awesome Creator is our Precious Lord.

Thank you for the birthday message for Rob.

So nice to have you back.
Welcome Home.

Bek said...

beautiful picture - is that where you were hiking?? hope u had a wonderful time with the hubby. to answer your question, no baby here yet...

Bar Bar A said...

Wow, how incredible to sing this along with the man you love while in such beautiful surroundings!!!

Hattigrace said...

For since the creation of the world, His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse. . .
Romans 1:20
Always one of my fav scriptures. And your photos reflect His truth. Love your heart.