Thursday, July 13, 2006


Ahhh...I'm all better least until the next Thanks to everyone for giving me the freedom to whine...:)

...and speaking of freedom......

What does this word mean to you?? Its been popping up in my blog conversations this seems to be a theme He is reminding me of.
It is a very important word to me and I would love for myself, my friends, my family...everyone, to experience more of the context of Christ.

freedom: below I have listed definitions per the good ole dictionary: now try thinking of them in the context of Christ and just how far reaching His freedom is. Just pick one and carry it out to its natural conclusion and see if God doesn't open you up to thoughts you've never had before, possibilities you've never dreamed of in Him....How free is free?

1) (in Christ) The power to act, speak, or think without imposed restraints.
2) (in Christ) Liberty from slavery, detention, or oppression.
3) (in Christ) Exemption from the arbitrary exercise of authority
4) (in Christ) Exemption from an unpleasant or onerous condition: ie. freedom from want.
5) (in Christ)The capacity to exercise choice; free will
6) (in Christ) Ease or facility of movement.
7) (in Christ) Frankness or boldness; lack of reserve.
8) (in Christ) The right to unrestricted use; full access.( I really like this one!) :)
9) (in Christ) The right of enjoying all of the privileges of membership or citizenship. (this one too!)
10) (in Christ) A right or the power to engage in certain actions without control or interference.

How free is free?...He led capitivity captive....Whom the Son sets free is free indeed....
Dare we believe?


bjk said...

Wow.....7) (in Christ) Frankness or boldness; lack of reserve.

I do that here in blogland....could I ...should real life??

Jada's Gigi said...

I like #8..full access.
In Christ we have full access to God, we are seated with Him in heavenly places, in Christ Jesus. We have within us the fullness of the Godhead, we have a clue what this means?!?...God, the Very God of God lives inside of us...that's explosive!!...and we have full access to Him, His love, His passion, His secret places, His inheiritance, His power, His riches, His glory, His knowledge...the list goes on and on...full access...Yes, I like this one...Lord show me just how free I am to roam your kingdom, to know you and experience all that you have for me!

Bek said...

these are very thought-provoking - i think my favorites are 3, 6, and idea you had here!

BarBarA said...

Excellent reminders! We are free, but how often do I live in bondage to this that or the other thing? Thanks for this!

Birmingham Girl said...

Great, absolutely great! We create our own slavery, we don't have to though because His Son paid the ultimate price. No money could buy, or no battle fought could buy the freedom He provides!
Thank you for such a wonderful reminder!

Radical One said...

wow girl. what great thoughts you brought to mind on freedom. in the past 5 years (probably more, i just didn't realize it!) God has really been working with me on this subject. for me, it's about remembering balance and not letting my pendelon(sp?) swing too far! lol

thanks for the great thoughts and have a blessed day!

Radical One said...

hey cheryl the "lists to live by" is from the first collection and compiled by a gray, s stephens and j diest. they are just simple lists that have helped me so much in dealing with family, children, marriage etc. i am a "solution oriented" person and i just want a quick and simple solution to things. this book has been a huge help for me.

hope that helps. it's very old and i think i may have picked it up at a sam's.

have a wonderful day!

Vicki said...

I like the 'full access' one, too, Cheryl. To think we can always approach the throne of Grace--an awesome privilege.

Belizegial said...

Indeed, I often wonder 'how free is free'. My personal choice is #1 The power to act, speak, or think without imposed restraints.

Just today, at my workplace, I had a discussion with a co-worker going through a difficult time with another coworker. She was hesitant to put her complaints into writing for several reasons, all valid. However, I wondered at that moment what was her own concept of freedom. She was fearful of repercussions, either real or imagined.

Thanks for bringing this whole issue into context. In and with Christ, we have nothing to fear.

Ame said...

I love this ... I love the perspective ... thanks!