Saturday, July 22, 2006

I'm so bummed!

Jada didn't come! They started out...but an hour or two from home the car began to have trouble so they had to call for assistance and ended up going back home for repairs. She probably will not get to come at all...We are SOOO disapointed! and the sandbox looks so lonely! ...and its raining....:(
Very hoo!


Tammy said...

what a disapointment!!!
Maybe tomorrow will be a better day!!

BarBarA (aka Layla) said...

Big huge hug! Today is just a crappy day all around for many people I know. I'm so sorry. I know how much this visit meant to you!!!!! Do you have plans for antoher one soon?

T Texas Red said...

awww sis..
how terrible!!! After all you went through to get the sandbox ready.
And after the stress of the sucker stick ordeal. How exhausting!!!!
I know you are sooo disappointed. I'm so sorry. But... the sandbox isn't going anywhere...she will LOVE it when she does get to come.
Maybe Kate can bring her halfway, tomorrow. Let us know.

Ame said...

I am SO sorry. That kind of disappointment is like a rock stuck in your throat with tears flowing from your eyes. I am so sorry!

kath said...

oh no!!!

:( big sad..

i am sorry.. but she will come.. and soon..
hugs to you

An Ordinary Christian said...

Life is hard! Hope you're feeling better soon.

Birmingham Girl said...

Nothing disappoints more then anticipating having your grandchild around and they aren't able to come. BUT nothing is sweeter then when they get there. Hang on....she's coming!!

Kimber said...

aaawwww - sorry she didn't get to come visit - poor empty sand box!

Prayin for happier days!!