Monday, January 30, 2006

A Southern Winter's morning

Its winter in Georgia.....cold...but not....its all realitive. :) Spent the weekend in Jax and 60 in FL is definitley warmer than 60 in Georgia... in winter.
This morning, frosty breath, crunchy dead leaves, sun shining brightly. Geese lined up around the pond like they are waiting for it to warm up before venturing it surely will as the day goes on. Smoke rising from a pile of fresh mulch, still warm from the muching, the heat meeting the cold air. Too cold for shirt sleeves but too warm for most self-respecting jackets. No chance of snow but possibly a chance to bask in the sun and feel toasty on your afternoon break. Maybe the sunroof will be open on the ride home....then agian....maybe a fire tonight. ummmm... I love a fire. Ummmm love a Southern winter..... so short...sooo sweet!


Bek said...

oooh, beautiful picture. you're from georgia, huh? i'd love to be there now. its warmer here in OH than normal, but still prob around 40. :)

Kimber said...

Being from Ohio - LOTS of times I wished I lived in a warmer state during the winter...and yet, God has surprised us and blessed us with SUNSHINE and warmer temperatures than normal...wish every winter could be like this for us!!! It has been such a gift!!

I heard someone say that they felt was blessing the Body of Christ in the early part of 2006 with season of "awakenings and new beginnings"... and it seems like God is giving us Ohioan's a great picture of that in the natural...

As my pastor said yesterday, "it is like a new season even though it is 'out of season' giving us new life and a fresh start within in a season that is typically bitter cold and grey"

Anyway, enjoy the SUNSHINE and warmth - and may God give you many new beginnings this year!

Doug E. said...

great Picture!

I sometimes miss winter living in CA. But it is usually only temporary.

God Bless,


Tammy said...

Love that beautiful! I'll trade you my Ohio weather...though today was a nice day the 60's so I can't complain too much ;-)

Gordon Cloud said...

Love the picture. We also have great winter sunsets in Georgia.