Friday, January 27, 2006


NCV stands for the New Cheryl Version... :)
Here is one of my versions of Ps 105:1-4, as pertaining to a little something the Lord and I have been discussing. :)

Version 1
I will give thanks to you. Lord, I call your name!
I tell everyone of your wonderful works in my life and in the lives of those around me
I sing your praises and sing love songs to you and talk of you incessantly and of all that you are.
I bask in your presence and glory in your name...
Let your name be known and make your face to shine in me and out from me.
I find my greatest joy in you and in your strength and presence.
I must see you, must know you.
Your whole person, every part of you...make known to me!


Bek said...

oooh! i love doing my own versions. this is fun!

Tammy said...


Kimber said...

I love the NCV version - I can hear your Daddy in heaven saying, "Shhh everyone, listen to the new NCV version...I love it! Isn't it awesome? That's my girl Cheryl, I'm so proud of her, she just tickles my heart with joy! And I love to kiss her with my Word and with my special and timely comforting kisses (as Bek so greatly call them)"

Goody said...

PTL Cheryl! Isn't he lovely. Isn't he marvelous. Isn't he lovely. I just believe what God has done, he gave us his only son, isn't he lovely,lovely one! I keep singing this old song in my head and changing it around.

Bill said...

Very nice Cheryl, very nice indeed!

Angela said...

Love, love, love it!!!

Sarah said...

Love you!!

Hattigrace said...

Hmmmm, I like your own version. Kind of like journalling prayers. Thanks for the inspiration