Monday, January 23, 2006

Bits and Pieces

I think I finally found it! Yes, the perfect picture for my family rm/den. You don't know how difficult this has become! The entire downstairs is basically going to be decorated around this ONE piece of art. And I think I found it........ yes! Totally on for wedding paraphenialia (sp?) and there it was...actually a print that will need to be framed but still, never seen it before (which is big for me, I like one of a kinds), but perfect in the colors and the balance of the colors and the subject of the pic ...just right ....I think...still have to get hubby's approval...he is the one with the artistic eye but its MY room to decide... :) He has one or two of his very own. :) Maybe I'll post some pics when we get past the wedding and on to the decorating of our new house. Like next we'll have money by then..:)
On another note...I have a dear dear friend coming for a visit today...actually a conference, but she'll be staying with me and we can have girl talk till all hours for 3 nights...of course we will both have to get up and go every morning so that may limit us a bit but I'm definitley looking forward to seeing her!
Wedding update:
Wedding bouquets designed...daisys, yellow roses, something get the idea...?

Jax this weekend to meet with the florist and country club
(get to see Jadabear and Kate!!)

Invites almost done,
Handmade decorations for the aisle...almost done
Guest book and pen purchased
Photographer contract done (Good Grief, its expensive!)

Saw Mr & Mrs Smith over the weekend....cute flick...great for passing the time....
Sadly, I think those two got their acting job mixed up with real life...the dangers of an acting career...forgetting where reality lies and who you really are....

Go Steelers!! (never thought I'd hear those words come out of my mouth!) LOL

Have a great week....


Radical One said...

isn't it funny how decorating can be both stressful and fun, all at the same time? we have a couple of overnite rental cabins in pigeon forge and most people just hire a decorating firm to take care of all the stuff. no, not me. i always tell my husband, "oh i love to do it, please let me do it!". by the end of the project, i wonder what in the world i was thinking and david just throws up his hands and tries to keep his mouth shut. but everything is just so expensive these days!

hope you're having a wonderful day!

Kimber said...

It is great when we "happen" on something that would be perfect for our house...It took me 6 months to decide what colors to paint each room in my new house - so I can relate. I love when you find something special or just what you are looking for - and it usually happens after I have spent hours looking for that "perfect" thing and am exhusted and just give up on it...hee hee.

Sounds like the wedding planning is coming along great! Love the picture of Kate & Jada fun!

Enjoy girl talk with your friend!

Oh, and um errr, I'm sorry, but being from Ohio - I just can't root for the that I am passionate about Football anymore - but I use to follow it when Dad was still with us - he LOVED football - and HATED the STEELERS!! hee hee...