Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cheryls Treehouse

Barb, at Chelsea Morning, has come up with a great idea for people to promote their blogs and meet other bloggers. She is suggesting that each blogger write a post on how we came up with the name of our blog, and then go to her blog and leave a link to it.

Cheryl's Treehouse is so named because when I first started my blog I had just purchased a new home for myself, my hubby, my mom, my daughter and granddaughter and my older daughter would be with us for a year while planning her wedding. It is a lovely place set amidst many trees, add that to the fact that everyday life was kind of crazy and you have Treehouse (rather than nut house..:))
Nowadays its not so daughter got married and my second daughter moved back to Florida taking the baby with her. It is now a very quite house but still amidst the trees.....

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Jessica said...

How interesting