Friday, April 14, 2006

Nightmare on Court street

The law in Florida says that if you are a resident you have to wait 3 days after getting your marriage liscense to get married. If you are an out of state resident you only have to wait 1 day.....with proof of out of state residency.
Bek has been living in GA for the past year and has a GA drivers liscense...her proof.
James has only been in FL & TX for the past 8 mos or so in flight school for the Navy.
They went on line and also called to verify what info they would need to get their marriage liscense in one day since that would be all the time they would have, with James arriving in FL on Thurs before the wedding on Sat.
They were told an out of state ID, lease, or Military ID. with out of state orders.

Guess what?
When they arrived at the courthouse they were denied a marriage liscense!!
Yep, believe it!
Now that can make for some drama the day before a wedding, not to mention more than a little stress.

Bek was fine with her ID but they had issues with James' info. His ID was FL, (what about his military ID?), his orders were old (don't they apply until changed??) He had a lease in TX (didn't that count?). These people were just being jerks and throwing around some weight, it was ridiculous. We were thinking as fast as we could as to what exactly we would do if this didn't work out, not to mention praying hard.
At last James got hold of someone in the downtown courthouse who agreed that this was all ridiculous and told the branch courthouse at the beaches so. The beaches court house amazingly "found" some "waiver" (yeah right) and accepted his orders to be back in TX on Monday as proof of out of state residency (well imagine that?) After 3 hours wrangling for what should have taken half an hour, they were finally issed a marriage liscense. Thank the Lord! we were all getting a little freaked!

:) (I can smile about it now) :)


Bill said...

Ahhh... government clerks... those folks we love to hate... this situation points out how dangerous even a little power can be in the wrong hands.

Thank God you were able to fnd someone with a little 'more power' to get things back on track!!

I'm glad there was a happy ending!

jayjay said...

Hello Cheryl, It's been a while since I popped in here. LOVELY to see the pics of Bekks at her wedding. THey both look lovely. Great to read the stories as well. I can picture the on the beach pre-wedding dinner. Oh to smell the sea in Florida again! Ah, Lord, what a wild ride this life is.
Love you

Kimber said...

Sorry for the stress - yea that it all worked out - God is great!!!