Friday, April 21, 2006

An Endlesssss Table and A Prayer from Long Ago

(Just wanted you to have a look at the endlessssss headtable...:) Bek and James are really BIG on their friends and wanted eveyone to be together . Apparently the "in" thing these days is to have a sweetheart table for just the B&G but they wouldn't hear of that...the speaker is the BM not the groom BTW..:))

Just a few more touching moments and I'll stop, I promise...:)
We were priviledged to have very special people joining us for our I have mentioned, the minister who performed the ceremony was the same one who had married my husband and me, he has been my mother-in-law's pastor for 30 years and is my mother's cousin as well. It was really a treat to have him present.
So awesome to have our families, who came from far and wide for this very first wedding on either side as far as our siblings and Bek's cousins are concerned. On James's side as well, this wedding was a first so everyone came out. It was so nice having eveyone together.....
Especially since James' grandparents were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary the very same weekend. They were very gracious to share their big day with the B&G and their children gave them a lovely brunch the following day for their own celebration.

A couple of memorable quotes came back to me today as I was reviewing things in my mind...

1. The groom, when giving his speech, said that his idea of heaven was a place where all his favorite people would be together and this was it....(awwww:))

2. More importantly he said all the things a new MIL wants to hear...:)...he said he couldn't figure out how he got to be the luckiest man alive....he said he had married the most beautiful and wonderful woman in the world....and...he said he loved his in-laws! (he's such a good boy! :))

3. My husband, upon giving the Father of the Bride speech, looked into James' eyes and said "I prayed for you a long time ago" ...both had tears in their do I now....

We did pray for him and we have prayed for 2 more, yet to be determined mates for our other 2 children....may God bless them with a love such as my hubby and I share together.


Tammy said...

So beautiful.

Mrs Zeke said...

Got my puter back YAY!

As promised..
Everyone is beautiful, things look wonderful and I hope and pray so many wonderful days ahead for those two. You did a good job!

We are all loved

Kimber said...

Okay - crying AGAIN!!!!

Thanks so much for sharing such beautiful moments from the AMAZING wedding!!