Monday, September 21, 2009

Hawaii 3

Maunawili Falls Hike
Hiking in the rain the rain
The falls at the end of the rainbow....:) I mean hike

Canoe Parade at the Polynesian Cultural Center representing the various Pacific Islands and cultures...the Hawaiian Isles are in blue
...the Isle of Fiji

Samoa...yes, he climbed it with his bare feet...all the way to the top.

Tribal shuffleboard
The guys getting spear lessons
A Hawaiian Catamaran used to navigate the oceans...using only the stars to guide, I'm impressed!
THE LUAU..that's a roasted pig making its entrance.
A plate full of Luau food including taro rolls...that would be the purple thing at the top. Yes, they are very purple!


Terry said...

dear jada gigi
thank you for the sweet breath of hawaii air.
i just received your pretty post card today and it is soooo nice!
thank you!!!!
i needed it!
love terry

hey jada...i don't think, although they are sure beautiful indeed that those tall trees would make very good tree house material ha!

oh word verifaction word is "lices"...oh i hope that this isn't the plural of lice...oh we don't need them! 'tis the season though with school just beginning and all.

Pat said...

More awesome beautifulness!!!

Danielle Says Hello said...

I'm really enjoying visiting Hawaii vicariously through your photos ;) What a beautiful place!!!

Tammy said...

Been admiring all your vacation photos...looks like an amazing time! Good for you! said...

The thing looks exactly like I imagined. That doesn't happen very often. Guess watching all that Hawaii 50 really paid off!

Vicki said...

Hey Cheryl ~ Looks you all had a great time hanging out together! Love the pics. What was the yummiest thing you ate in Hawaii? :-)

Pia said...

what a beautiful place.

jayjay said...

Wow, what a fantastic holiday. Sure looks a great place to visit, and even better - you did it with family.

Felisol said...

Hi, Cheryl,
Thank you for sharing Hawaii with me in three beautiful posts.
The USA really has got it all,- from Alaska to Hawaii.
I'd love to swim in that crystal blue sea and watch the breath taking sunset.
"Just like on the postcards".
You all look so happy and relaxed. What more can one ask from a vacation?
Have a blessed week end.
From Felisol

Mrs. Mac said...

gosh .. your pics bring back many great memories of our trips to Hawaii! The feel of the islands, sights, scents of flowers everywhere. You have stored away 'treasures' to remember in the rock'in chair years, eh? :)