Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Muscle Shoals Sound

this video only tells part of the story...much more from many recording studios and talent in the area and those who moved on and have drawn on their Bama roots. Actually just this past year several musicians won national awards including the Swampers...The Muscle Shoals Sound band, who were inducted into the Hall of Fame. Proud to be from Flo Town!

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This is so cool. Love it. Wouldn't never have known about it. Gotta love the internet. Thanks my friend!

Felisol said...

I thought I new something about popular music.
I've never hear the expression "The Muscle Shoals Sound" though.
The crossroad between country, rock and soul.
Hmm, sounds like magic to me.
Must be a lot of energy and rythm down there.
Exotic in the best meanig of the word.
I think Percy Sledge and his "When a man loves a woman" is # one of the above played. Many of them are to be heard on my ipod...
I've got 7 days of music downloaded by now, but I'm still not finished.
Thanks for opening this door to Alabama.
From Felisol

Pat said...

I'm familiar with and LOVE the Muscle Shoals sound! It's right up there with Motown in my book. The sounds of Percy Sledge, Etta James and Wilson could you possibly want anything else? Even my Detroit gal Aretha Franklin made some Shoal music!
I'm not as fond of todays's a little to clean, I think it lacks the heart and soul of the old days.
My kind of should be proud to br from Flo Town!

felisol said...

Dear Cheryl,
Sorry, I have not gotten your Hawaiian card, but I'm looking forward to seeing it.
Even when we visit land like Spain or Greece, the cards will arrive long after we have returned.
So I hold my hopes up high and will inform you a soon as it arrives.

The Muscle Shoals Sound is a fascinating musical expression.
I sure would like to spend some time in the authentic surroundings.
I'm thankful for the YouTube video though. I like things to broaden my horizon.
Still busy being born.
From Felisol

Felisol said...

Dear Cheryl,
It's been a while since your post, when I look at the date, it's only a week.
Nevertheless; I pray you are fine and that you haven't brought back some nasty bacterias from Hawaii.
In Norway it's all about swineflue these days. I pray we will all be spared from the plague.
I had Gunnar listen to your Muscle Shoal video. He just loved it. He has most of oloists in his record collection.
He sends his beest too.
From Felisol

Deb said...

Lovin' that music!

I've been lurking - decided it's high time to start commenting again!

Thanks for your prayers for Brillo Man - I'll keep everyone posted via our sister's blog.

Praying that God blessed you today in an unexpected way! Love you!

Felisol said...

Hello again, Cheryl,
I know you are busy, but hope you and yours are sound and swineflue free.
From Felisol

Felisol said...

Hello, Cheryl,
Still missing your blogs. hope and pray that things are fine with you and yours.
From felisol

Mrs. Mac said...

This was an intense labor of love pulling this up on You-tube ... only about 8 seconds would play at a time ... but I was blessed by listening to the whole video. Some of the artists were familiar names .. others not .. but the 'sound' is familiar .. smoky, rich, deep ... understandable .. unlike today's 'junk' music.

Terry said...

dear jada gigi..for a video that is only nine minutes long, i have spent almost half an hour listening to and studying.
i so love the music by the black comes right from their souls.
and that is why i liked the beginnings of this video.
when i saw those two jumping, smiling and happy men and then heard that one of them, "otis redding" died, i felt so sad.
when i googled his name, it said he was only 26 years old when he was killed in a plane how sad this was!
you know cheryl, bernie's mom whom he never met..her favourite group was the ink spots, and were they ever good...pure love songs!
well i would like to linger a little longer here but it is gunnar's birhday today and i have to see what i can drum up for him in the line of a post.
it will be sad for him this year for both his birthday and for his christmas because his dear aunt lily, who he was so close to went to heaven a couple of days ago.

well please take care of yourself jada gigi, and i hope that you know that reading and talking to you on your post is the most i can do for you seeing as you are laid up. and so far away for me to visit you at least.
next time ...will you please make me a cup of tea?
i would of demanded one this morning but i have to go for blood tests!! terry