Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hawaii Part 2

More of our adventures in Hawaii. We really had a great time and squeezed a lot in.

This me getting washed up on shore from snorkeling. I was a little scared but it turned out to be loads of fun and very easy to do. We spent the day at a beach on the North Shore, known for good snorkeling and got to see lots of brightly colored fish who seemed completely unaware or afraid of us. (no, we didn't see any sharks and I'm very happy about that!) My daughter and I used the float to lay across so we didn't have to think about swimming and looking at the same time, neither of us are strong swimmers. This place is called 3 Tables because there are 3 coral reef/rocky type barriers there between the shore and the open sea. That made for fairly safe swimming and really good snorkeling.

Here we are at the famous Masumoto's eating Shave Ice. They line up at this place for a concoction very similar to a snow cone only the ice is REALLY just like snow...and the flavors are largely, papaya, watermelon, banana, etc. Yum! Very refreshing on a hot day...which they all are. :)
Near sunset and while waiting for our table at Jameson's for dinner,(hey their sunset photo looks just like mine...I took my own I promise!) we spotted several sea turtles off the jetty. Very Cool! They would pop their heads up and look at us as if to say hello. Unfortunately none of my shots of their heads turned out.

Paddle boarding...the latest in surf riding...easier than surfing, I'm told and very serene at sundown.
Gorgeous sunsets nightly. Note the couple in the foreground who pulled up their beach chairs just for the occasion.

And the morning and the evening...were the second day.


Pat said...

In order to offset my jealousy, I'm waiting for my souvenir.
Gosh it really does look like paradise! said...

Sounds like a life long memory for your family. Thsoe are always great to share. When everyne but Morgan, poppa and I went to DW, we fetl left out. We still do when they talke about this ride or that ride. Morgan was only 2 so she pretends that she went to but nana has a hard time relating when she wanted to go so darn bad. Glad you will be able to share together...

Vicki said...

Cheryl, I'm so glad you and hubby had a chance to enjoy Hawaii. Looks like you had a fun visit! Was it hard to say goodbye to your daughter & SIL?