Friday, June 09, 2006

LIF-Only You

Often, in the churches I know, we borrow the tune to a well known song and write words to it, words that reflect what the Lord is speaking in our lives and in our meetings. They are easy to learn and easy to sing and often quite humorous as in the time someone wrote "church words" to the tune of the Budwieiser commercial "When you say Bud"... LOL (we still get a kick out of that one)
Its been done for years, of course....with many Christian hymns being written to bar tunes in past history. Even the National Anthem was a poem set to the tune of a popular song of the day. Sometimes we find a song that says something close to Godly and we re-write it....borrowing the idea and the tune to suit the message of the Lord. I find it a great advantage to hear Him in a variety of ways and this practice opens my ears to hear Him even more in unexpected places....
Perhaps we should just throw off our constraints and see Him everywhere in everything...novel idea, yes?

You know this song as a Motown tune by the Platters...but I think you'll find it suitable to our life in the Lord...after all...
Only He can right this upside down world and bring light into darkness. One touch of His hand causes everything to make sense.... sing along....


Only You can make this world seem right
Only You can make the darkness bright
Only You and You alone, can thrill me like You do
And fill my heart with love for only You.

Only You can make this change in me
For it's true, You are my Destiny
When You touch my heart, I understand
The love You have for me,
You're my dream come true
My one and only You.


bjk said...

Yeah I can comment....Thanks for the song......the post...the friendship....thanks

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps we should just throw off our constraints and see Him everywhere in everything...novel idea, yes?"


Bar Bar A said...

Great song! Can't go wrong with a Motown sound and Christian lyrics!

Jeremy Uriz said...

Great choice!

I think "Ain't No Mountain High Enought" with the brother singing the Marvin Gaye part and the sisters singing Tammy Terrell part would be great too. I don't think there would be too much to change.

Take some vocal gymnastics to hit some of those notes!

Live, Love, Laugh said...

Oh wow, that was good! Great post and we do need to be listening, no matter where we are.

Gina said...

I shall be singing this all day...I can just see it coming. Thanks. It's such a great one. Love the idea of singing it to our Lord.

Radical One said...

hey girl! just checking in. "sounds" like you're doing great! lol seriously, this was a great idea. thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

I have totally change words to songs
I used to own an albmn years ago by GLAD, the acapella group and they talked about this same thing
They even gave an example of one hymn's tune taken from a bar song and added christian lyrics to.

I once met a girl and her name was Matilda
she hugged like a bear and she looked like one too

Change to

We praise thee oh God
Our redeemer, creator
With grateful devotion our tribute we bring