Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Misc Stuff

OMG did you see the finally of 24 last nite?!?!? I missed all but the last half hour, which is a sin in my house... my kids were calling and updating me as the night wore on...(I know...we're weird:)) What's gonna happen to Jack? Will next season be in China? I heard they were thinking of relocating for next year...what about Chloe having an ex-husband?? ....and can you believe we have to wait til Jan 07 for all this?!?!
Now tonight and tomorrow I'll be missing American Idol!!! What a bad TV week to get a PT job!! Hey, guess what my temporary PT job is?? Manning phones in a call center answering questions regarding the theft of Veteran's information that you heard about on the news yesterday! How exciting is that? to actually be part of the news...so to speak. :) I like call center work and I'm hoping to eventually get on at this place permanent PT...like 12 hours a week or something...they usually have 24 hour shifts so anytime you can be there is workable( I like 2 6hr shifts so I don't tie up every day of the week) and they pay much better than a mall job or something like that. Also its usually pretty easy, you just take info, provide courteous customer, answer certain questions from a script, etc. and I don't mind phones...I know some people hate em...but i have worked crazy jobs where the phone rings off the hook to the tune of 180 calls per day for 2 employees along with regular job stuff and it doesn't bother me...I can do that and a couple of other things at the same time. :) this project only lasts a couple of weeks but they will have others. Unfortunately I am signed up to work a lot of days over these couple of weeks but I'll live. I have my foot in the door at least.

Another guess what??
My Katybug and Jadabear are coming for the holiday weekend!!!! Yay!! 4 whole days! I can't wait! Definitley NOT working while they are here!We talk to them almost every day (thank god for cell phones!) but Jada is growing sooooo fast! Her Poppy is planning to take her out on her bike on the Silver Comet trail and boy is he excited! lol (for those of you who know my biker husband...he can't wait!) :)

On another note...I have some dear friends in Florida who are going through some very difficult stuff right now....if you think of it, please lift them to the Lord...He knows who and what...


Kimber said...

Whoooohooo for family visits - have a blast :) And congrats on the new job - and to be part of something BIG at the same time :) WOW!!

Can't wait to hear about your visit :) ENJOY!

Tammy said...

Really...what a bad week to get a new job...though I guess it wouldn't look so good to ask for the time off for TV huh? ;-) Good luck on the job. Hope your visit with your family is wonderful and most of all enjoyable. Praying for your friends too. Have a great day!

Gina said...

Hi Cheryl,
I'll lift your friends from Florida up in prayer. Congratulations on your job and boy I hope you have a fantastic time with your precious ones. I know you will : )

bjk said...

Praying for your friends...ENJOY those Grandbabies!!!