Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day

Did you know that Memorial Day originated in Waterloo, NY in commemoration of the Civil War dead? Others were thinking along the same lines and Southerners, wanting a day specifically for Confederate dead began having "Decoration Days" honoring their fallen loved ones. To this day, churches and communities all over the South have special days set aside, usually in May, to honor the dead, war or not, by decorating grave sites of loved ones.

So how was your weekend???
Mine was awesome! Jadabear came and stayed the entire weekend...
We played on the swings and slide, watered the flowers and each other, and watched the baby cardinals in our magnolia tree. Her Poppy took her biking on the trail with her "pretty new hat" (translation...new biking helmet) and we rode her own bike around the neighborhood too. We went swimming in the neighborhood pool and ate popsicles...all while her mommy relaxed, went shopping, toured the new Atlantic Station in ATL and watched X-men with her good friend A who came up with them. Cooking out on M Day, of course and sad to say...off they went this morning, back to Jax....I cried....:) but Jada gave me kisses so I cheered up.
....then as soon as I got in to work...surprise!!!! Jeff calls...he's home from Europe! Home being PA...not GA.... I had no idea when he was to return but I was thinking it should be soon. I was so thrilled to hear his voice! I really like it better when he is on this side of the ocean. He is glad to be home and he sounded so gooooo!

On another note. I saw on the news where John Snow is resigning from the Sec of the Treasury. He's my old boss from CSX....wonder what ex Sec of Treasurers do??? I guess they are just born money makers...

How did you kick off the summer? It is summer where you live by now isn't it???


Anonymous said...

summer's almost over here. it's beginning to rain again. well, at least it's not that hot and humid here anymore when it rains. =)

Gina said...

At 85 degrees -- it's officially summer here. I'm so glad you had a great weekend!