Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Home with pics!

I'm back, we had a lovely time in TN. Must have been the peak weekend for fall foilage. It was stunning and everyone in the southeast was in Pigeon Forge to see it I think. :) Truly it was a sight to see this year. Strange how God made Autumn, the season of dying, to be so beautiful. Does that parallel our lives, do you think? Or possbily what He values. Death always brings new life in His realm and nothing can be gained without it. No wonder He makes it beautiful in this realm to mirror His thoughts on the subject.
It seems that we, as humans, shy away from talking too much about death but He is not afraid of death, in fact He conquered it completely and set us free, free from even the fear of it.

I know from my own life experience that there is no gain without loss and I am so thankful to be dead in Christ and raised to new life in Him. As the seasons change I am reminded that what He values is foreign to us but as we live in Him we gain His perspective on some of these things. Truly death and dying whether it be to sin or to self or to our own desires, is a victory in His eyes and worth celebrating. Laying down our lives in exchange for His is always, like the Autumn leaves...a beautiful thing to behold.


Kim said...

Wow! Well said my sister. We were just talking about how we see dimly in a mirror and realized that everything in the mirror is backward. When we look in the mirror, our right hand is on the left... and so on. That's why when we are weak, He is strong. When we die, we live... and so on.

I love the pictures! How beautiful!!

Tammy said...

Amen...couldn't have said it better myself!

And what gorgeous photos...Those colors are stunning!

Angela said...

Wow, those pictures ARE gorgeous!!! Autumn has always been my favorite season. Year after year, I have been in awe of God's creativity and beauty during the season, but never once thought that Fall could possible be a reflection of the way God views death, which make him even more creative and beautiful!!! I agree, well said. Very thought provoking.

Sarah said...

"Season of Death"
Wow. I love it so much. Fall comes and brings daily memories of my first autumn in Lithia. A River rushing.

Love the gorgeous pictures.
Love you.

amberdusk said...

Beautiful Fall post Cheryl:) I love how you always search for the postive and enjoy your blessings.
Thank you for being such a blessing to me:)

Goody said...

How gorgeous! And it all came out of Him! There has been such a drought here, and yet the foliage is still quite beautiful. I have seen that area of Tenn. in the winter but never in the fall. Thank you for sharing it with us Cheryl. I alway get Jesus Christ from you! (I miss you when you go away too.)

Gina said...

Stunning. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos. I love those colors. Reminders of God's greatness.