Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I'm back. No probs, just busy....:)

Hi All,

We went down to Jax this past weekend to try and make some wedding headway. Its not going very well. Every venue we've looked at is either not right or not available. We've been looking for 3 months and time is running out! Yikes! This is WORK!

We brought our JadaBear home with us. She has grown so much in just the few weeks since we have seen her. She is talking a blue streak...She says "my name is Jada Moore" "I'm 2!" :-)

She loves her Poppy and her doggie, Trooper and her Bekah and her Gigi...everything is hers, personally. :)
Be back soon with photos, I hope...
In the mean time, please give me some tips on stress management during wedding planning! What did ya'll do? (my Southern is showing... hey, I'm tired.... :)


Goody said...

What did I do? With 4 daughters? Crash, after the weddings! Perhaps you could look into small country clubs, (Sarah's) or community centers. A church building nearby us rented us their place for the Jenny's ceremony. Just be sure to eat and drink lots of water so that the stress dosen't get you down! Bless you sister! This too will pass!

Sarah said...

Well, I almost had a nervous breakdown!! Ain't nothing makes it better, except the words "I DO." :)
Thanks for mentioning your dog's name. I always think of him as having one of the coolest dog names ever, but keep thinking "scout?" "sarge?" TROOPER. Thanks! :)

Anna Mason said...

Ha. Stress management. Hot bath with candles lit. But hey, you probably don't have time for that. Ok, starbucks caramel frappuchino? Works for me.