Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Because I'm in Him

Last night in our sisters meeting I heard the Lord speaking something to me which came back to me this morning. He said "Dwelling in Me, you transcend the written word. Dwelling in Me, you dwell in the Living Word." Amazing to think that we as believers actually live inside the Word of God. Way better than just reading a book, eh?
Then I heard this chorus this morning on my way to work and thought it apropos. I might have modified it a teeny bit. :)

Because You're in me,
I will worship You!
Because You save me,
I will praise your name!
Creator of all things,
I will sing Your praise.
Because You chose me
I belong to You.


Sarah said...

Amen and amen!!!!!!

Posted at your request today! Whew! Does He stretch our vocabulary or what! :)

Goody said...

And amen again! Living in the body of the Lord. Love the chorus.

Gina said...

Very encouraging. Thank you for this post.

Anna Mason said...

that is great! It reminds me of something I wrote recently about how there is more to it than just the written word. so i'm really glad you posted this. it is an affirmation.

mama bear said...

This is lovely. When I read your blogs I want to call all my daughters and say "You have to read this. It is so awesome."