Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thank you, Lord, for March!

March means...

5 weeks.... of paychecks...yay!

Sunshine and 70 degrees with slightly less that soft breezes

Daffodils and tulip trees

Daylight Savings Time

My son coming home from tour

My daughter starting school and a new life

A trip to Philly

March Madness

Spring perfume

Khaki pants, pink sweaters and new shoes..:)


Deborah and Sally said...

It sounds like you have a wonderful March ahead, enjoy it !
I think we have to take those times (and treasure them)when we can get them :)

everydayRANDOM said...

I always think of March as coming out of the winter fog. It still isn't warm but warm is in the air and with DST coming this weekend, that in itself is going to be very happy. I'm glad you hear yoru delight and join you,,,

Barb said...

I totally forgot about the time change. I love it when we "spring forward" and it's daylight longer.

Boy your March is different than mine. Our weather here in western Colorado is totally unpredictable. It's raining today which is nice, but it could snow tomorrow. And I could turn the air conditioning on next week!

How nice to have a trip to look forward to. My sister lives on the other side of PA, so I've never been to Philadelphia. But I love the song by Springsteen. Does that count? LOL

Pat said...

In Michigan,
it could snow tomorrow or be 60!
I soooo love daylight savings time.
Always wanted to go to Philly - the home of American Bandstand, how I lived for that show as a kid - I'd watch re-runs if they aired them!
I'm all for new shoes, any time of year!
When you in Philly, do a little dance in honor of this old Bandstand fan!

Tammy said...

you know what...maybe I need some spring perfume!!
Thanks for the idea!!

Joni said...

Ahh, spring...must be nice to have some down there in the south country! Ohio hasn't decided if we're in winter or spring yet, but still leaning toward winter. Oh, well. Mid-July, we'll be wondering where all the cool air went!

I like your spring ideas. And I loved the pics in your earlier post. It makes me want to go plant some flowers!

I don't like DST, though...always messes me up until we go back to standard time.

Ame said...

i love this ... perspective ... glad your son is coming home and your daughter is getting a new start. i think we all need a new start sometimes :)

Margie said...

I'm so jealous! 70!

Arlene said...

Well, 70 degrees, how about 20 tonight? Don't think we're not ready for that 70 degress and daffodils and tulips pushing up through our cold hard ground here in Michigan!

Maybe April here.

Bek said...

love the colors. :) tulips and pink sweaters. aaah. me, too. and robins and spring in the air! i love new seasons!!

Gina said...

Spring perfume. Yum. Tulip trees. Lovely. Daughter coming home from tour -- hurrah!!

Anonymous said...

Is that what those trees are called? Tulip trees? Our neighbor across the street has one and it has just begun to bloom...they are beautiful!!!! I feel like I am way behind on my favorite reads here!!!!