Monday, November 20, 2006

So Excited!!

Guess what? I got my Christmas present already!
My new Canon Powershot A540 camera!! Got a printer/scanner too so now I can scan in any old thing for my blog AND get in some current photos of Jadabear among others...Yeah!! I wanted to have the camera before the holidays so I could capture every moment...:)..of course..:) to figure out how to work everything...:)
As for the schedule...I will be picking Jada up tomorrow from her other grandmother who will be spending the Thanksgiving holidays here in ATL...we'll have her for 24 short hours before heading down to Jax...she will be staying in ATL with her daddy's side of the family....:(...but we'll have her for Christmas!!
On Wed...both my sibs and their children, as well as my girls and son in law will all be making our way to Jax for a big family get together...we can't wait! Only my son and Jada will be missing.. we will be missing them too but soon...Christmas is soon....
Friday we'll be home and back to work on Sat...
Hectic, but worth it...
then we'll be in full swing for you may not hear a lot from me this week...K?

We have ritual foods we always make for holidays..
there MUST be turkey...although we never make it any other time of year...and I could easily live without it...its a far as the hubby and kids are concerned...
I always make Cornbread dressing...or stuffing as its known in other parts of the country...though I do not stuff the bird with it...:)
Always have green beans...always have mashed potatoes...and rolls...usually sweet potatoe casserole with a thick crust of pecans and brown sugar on top and sometimes squash casserole too...we'll be having that one this year.....No wonder we have to sleep it off!!
Do you have a ritual meal for Thanksgiving?



Joni said...

First, the day has to start with the guys playing their annual game of tag football.

There is always turkey. Stuffing. (I can live without that.) Mashed potatoes. Rutabaga (sp?). Corn. Green beans. Bread rolls. I always get to make the sweet potato casserole. An orange jello salad that my husband's grandma always made. His sister makes it now. Of course, there must be pumpkin pie. A new addition is "monkey bread", supplied by our niece.

I haven't spent Thanksgiving with my family in several years. We spend it in Michigan, with my husband's family.

Deb said...

We start the meal with
Homemade Wedding Soup
Followed by:
Traditional Turkey
Stuffing (we call it 'stuffing' up here in western PA)
Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes
Green Beans
Cranberry Sauce
Punch made with Grape Juice and Ginger Ale
For Dessert:
Pumpkin Pie
Apple Pie

The funniest thing is that we only make the punch for Thanksgiving and Christmas ---All it is is grape juice and ginger ale --no big deal --but we never bother to make it any other time!

HOWEVER...this year, we're going to my dear husband's parents for Thanksgiving and who knows what will be on the menu.....

Kim said...

We have all the traditional foods too. Only we have added a broccoli slaw salad and lots of pies.

bjk said...

Not so much anymore. Thanksgiving IS my favorite family holiday but with the kids married and all that that brings we have had to forgo any traditions for right now....we go where we are invited.

Now Christmas.....we have some traditions that I really want to hold onto.

KayMac said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Barb said...

Well congratulations on that camera. You're going to have so much fun with it!

Turkey. Of course. And I don't know why I don't make it any other time of year because really, it's so economical and we actually like it.

I make my stuffing in a separate dish, too. Green bean casserole, twice baked potatoes, yams, my mother-in-law's fruit salad. Those are the ritual dishes. If I left a single one of them off the menu, my family would revolt.

Busy, busy time for all of us. Enjoy all your wonderful plans. And take lots and lots of photos!

Wow. What a great Christmas present.

Mrs. Mac said...

Happy "shooting"! I'm going to cut back this year with all the carbs. Turkey yes, one type of starch (either mashed potatoes or stuffing) ... yams and green beans ... may just make turkey tenderloins instead of the whole bird. Of course cranberries. Have a safe trip and enjoy making some memories.

Amydeanne said...

congrat's! I have a cannon powershot and love love love it!
Happy Thanksgiving and have a great one!

Becky said...

things change yearly over here. this year, mr hubbin wants to deep fry it. then of course the regular stuff;
yes, stuffing
cranberry jiggly stuff
pecan pie
apple pie
mashed potates
candied yams
oh yeah-corn
No low carb here.

everydayRANDOM said...

Doing the Camera happy dance for you - glad you got it early. Think if all those shots you won't miss now.

We have dinner at my girl in laws - no one has to eat 2 dinners and we share the gkids.

Have a wonderful holiday, my friend. Enjoy every minute! :)

BekABoo said...

Yay for the camera! Now I can keep mine to myself ;)I can't wait to see everyone! James' brother volunteerd to work before he knew we were coming. So, I think we're gonna take a pie to the firehouse after dinner. MIL is making 3 pies! I'm looking forward to, possilby, some new traditions ;) We're counting down the hours!

Tammy said...

Congrats on the camera...I love my Canon and wouldn't live without it.

As far as Turkey Day traditions...don't really have any other than the usual feast. I'm fixing dinner for hubby's side of the family this that will be fun!! Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love my Canon PowerShot!!! As for our Thanksgiving meal...sounds much like yours..only we also have the ever nutritious and health concious "fried turkey" ;) only a traditionally southern Thanksgiving meal can have.....oh, I also contribute my famous Artichoke Dip...and Mrs. Smith's frozen pies ;)

Kimber said...

We have all the traditional stuff, the turkey, stuffing, corn, cranberry relish, sweetpotatoes, mashed potatoes - and PUMPKIN PIE :)

My sis is coming home - so we are counting down the hours too :)

Have fun using your new camera :) And have an AWESOME time with that sweet fam of yours!

Birmingham Girl said...

Hey, are you having sweet tea to wash down all those fixings? :)
Well have all the usual, turkey, stuffing, two kinds of potatoes, I always get the assignment to make the gravy, cranberries, beans, desserts of a kinds...I'm smiling in anticipation! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving ~ just the word "Thanksgiving" makes me happy!

Vicki said...

Hubby grills the turkey outside on his super-duper grill and it's always yummy. Our standard faire seems to be turkey, cornbread dressing (in a pan), sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, squash casserole, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes. And pies--pecan, apple, and pumpkin!

Have a great Thanksgiving! And enjoy that camera. I was tickled to get my digital a couple years ago--such a good gift, especially for blogging and scrapbooking.

love & hugs,

Bek said...

i'm with you on the sweet potato casserole!!!!!!! that's what i'm making/bringing!

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Jessica said...

Hope you had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!

BTW...I changed my blog back to be sure to come by and visit me! :)